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Thread: Joystick broke. switching to controller?

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    I've had a lot of cheap joysticks over 20 years of playing flight, racing and space sims ... they don't take much hardcore combat flight/racing abuse and have all developed similar issues to yours. Unless they break inside the usually very short warranty period (3 to 6 months) there's usually no fix (unless you replace internal components which is almost impossible given the ultra thin wires used) so IMO the best place for them is the bin/trash! Don't waste money on another cheap stick - you get what you pay for - which in the case of joysticks is all about the length of the warranty! If you can't afford a new HOTAS you should try mouse and keyboard until you've saved up some money!

    I've been using an x52 Pro HOTAS for the last few years but these haven't been perfect either ... Originally made by Saitek, the sticks went through a period of very bad customer support when the company got bought out by Logitech a few years ago. Logitech have finally got their act together and should now help with any support requests. The sticks are now sold by Logitech and as far as I know, still come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty. This has been invaluable because I've had 2 of these sticks develop the (well documented) "throttle detent" issue and as a result, had 2 brand new sticks sent to me under warranty .... so although the original stick cost me around £130 3 years ago, the warranty alone was worth that money. Note there is a mod you can do to repair the throttle detent problem yourself but this invalidates the warranty and your obviously best only doing this if it happens after the warranty has expired. Aside from the detent problem (which is caused by a rubber part coming loose inside the throttle) all the buttons and axis have work perfectly on all 3 of the x52's I've used, so I would absolutely buy another one if I had too. To me its the perfect HOTAS unit in terms of function and affordability.

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    Originally Posted by Achilles7 View Post (Source)
    My T-16000m stick developed this issue about two months after the warranty expired (Yeah, thanks Thrustmaster! Probably by Roy Batty; time to die!).
    Then the design is flawed. Both mine developed issues within 6 months and got replaced under warranty (I only bought the 2nd one because I didn't want to be stickless whilst waiting on the replacement). The one I'm using now (one of the replacements) twitched the other day, which means it exceeded the dead zone and has lasted about 2 months. The grip I notice is also loose.
    Quality control is pretty awful imo. Note that I'm in Australia so there's every chance we get them from a different factory.

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    Originally Posted by Tarman View Post (Source)
    Me too but I bit the bullet on that battle years ago, and fly right-sticked so I can use the CH Fighterstick. At heart, it's really just another control scheme, and unless your right hand is literally crippled or just incapable of adjusting over time, you shouldn't have permanent issues. With a sufficiently complex control arrangement like in Elite you're likely using both hands for some kind of something anyway. I have the full CH HOTAS so left-hand is throttling. Both throttle and Fighterstick have about the same amount of controls so the per-hand workload is pretty even.

    Same reason I don't look for left-mice, nor did I order a car from England so the controls are on the "correct" side. I have lefty guitars because I've been lucky, but stuff like ubiquitous control schemes and motor vehicles, it's easier to adapt than pay out the nose for specialist mirror builds or less-functional ambidextrous stuff.
    I'm gonna bite this bullet as well. I'm gonna practice for a little while with my right hand with the cheap joystick I have, then get the Warthog Thrustmaster on X-mas.


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    Originally Posted by Valorin View Post (Source)
    Nooooo! No controller! It's bad!
    Just gotta get the right controller. I use an Xbox Elite and for my purposes, it's way better than a HOTAS. I'll probably never buy a HOTAS unless a truly good one comes on the market. What we have now is cheapness and compromises.

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    Originally Posted by Bryan K View Post (Source)
    My T.16000M with TWCS throttle hasnít gone wrong yet, and itís survived two years of abuse and even been carted around in a suitcase on a business trip with no ill-effects. Just get one of those.
    Yeah, I have three of these sticks (one with the TWCS). On the first, the slider stopped working after about three years of playing flight sims and heavy game time playing ED. The stick itself needs quite a bit of deadzone to use now, but is otherwise fine. The second was a replacement or that prior to the release of the HOTAS set. I haven't had a problem with any of the three besides the slider. I've even partly fixed the slider issue on the older one in case of emergency by having a look inside and putting a wire back in place.

    Oh, I did actually have a problem with the TWCS as well, as it seemed to cut out in some positions. I ended up having a look inside that too, and it just turned out the main wire inside didn't have enough slack and was tugging on the connections. That was also easily fixed (and there were no warranty void bits that needed to be undone to find that out either).

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    Originally Posted by sinkarma View Post (Source)
    So my joystick broke and I am contemplating switching to a controller than buying a new joystick.
    Reason being is all the joysticks I get seem to develoup the same issue: the yaw axis gets funny and starts "twitching" by itself even if I am not touching it.

    Took a look at it in the software and you can see the yaw axis "vibrating" while the pitch and roll remain still, even with deadzone applied it still twitches.

    Rather ruins immersion and makes it hard to aim

    but now

    I have gone from harmless to deadly using joystick and learned how to combat using a joystick and learned how to shoot fixed weapons using joystick.
    To now go from joystick to controller or mouse I am going to have to re-learn how to shoot fixed weapons.

    Well not entirely re-learn... some skills and knowledge is transferable... but still!

    its a pain. but my controller is rather new and its a good quality one and I don't want to buy another joystick

    SO! TL : DR I would like some suggestions on how to set up controls for a controller while taking note I will be attempting to use fixed weapons.
    The answer is "NO!". Do not switch to controller. There is a reason no vehicle ever is steered by thumbs, and the reason is, that it's not precise enough. Go mouse and keyboard or buy another joystick is my recommendation.

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    On the "foot" of the t16000 where the lights are, you can put a thin plastic piece (from a bag orso) make a hole in the center and cut one side open so you can place it around the metal stick, with some tape you can put these 2 loose pieces together and put it on the "foot" so it stay's on one that center hole you have to make a "+" with your scissor in the 2 axis. Keeps the dust and sweating out.

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    Compared to other control methods, I find using fixed weapons with a gamepad difficult. That's why I always use gimballed weapons when using the gamepad.

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    VIRPIL is offering a left-handed joystick that fits into the base of the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog. I have ordered one and it has just shipped. Fills a hole that other companies just continue to overlook!

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    Ive had the x52 for about 3 years and the only problem ive had with it is the crappy saitek software and the mouse stick on the throttle makes the mouse cursor drift all over the desktop. Easy fix tho.
    I found the x52 to be a nice price point, not a budget hotas, but cheaper than the x52 pro and other set ups, with enough hats and switches to do away with keyboard.
    I am aware tho, that I may have been lucky and got a good one as Ive heard some quality control issues. Im also not heavy handed, i dont abuse the controls too much.

    I tried MnK once and found it virtually impossible after playing with hotas and like others have mentioned, fixed weapons on a conroller... Ugh.

    Save up and get a hotas.

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