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Thread: Chapter 4. Are we there yet?

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    Chapter 4. Are we there yet?

    Greetings CMDRs,

    I know we are not. Scheduled arrival is between September and December so two and a half months ahead before deadline. I must admit, currently I'm away from ED but recently my curiosity started to rise. Right now I'm chewing through this article and I must say what is planned sounds interesting.

    But I take it very skeptically. It's like politician declaration - they'll say anything to get your vote, on paper it's all gold. Later it turns out what you got. Don't get me wrong, I want to be hyped, especially when exploration gets rework. But developers (not only FDEVs, generally speaking) have a history of failed promises.

    Anyway, maintaining good faith despite all things I'm preparing for upcoming chapter 4. Since I have reduced my fleet considerably and got rid of anything bigger than Krait - apart from last purchase: T-9 - I'm going to reduce my fleet even further. T-9, Python and Adder go for scrap. Funds acquired will be converted into brand new Anaconda.

    How original, I know.

    I owned one but youth's mistakes made me sell her long time ago. Now it's time to get her back. From my current fleet only Krait (general all-rounder) and FDL (personal shuttle) will remain. With my casual style I should finish preparations before 4.0 launch.

    Now, back to read to get myself hype back again.


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    Originally Posted by IndigoWyrd View Post (Source)
    Is it soup yet?
    I got so sick of eating that stuff just before the divorce!

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