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Thread: Idle Time

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    Built and engineered an Asp Explorer in anticipation of Q4. Now slowly making my way to Colonia.

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    Getting other real life work done before Beyond Q4 streams and beta hits so I don't feel guilty when playing / obsessing over it.

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    Unlocking all the guardian/human tech. Although I'll never use most them, I do hit for the heck of it.

    Since mining and exploring will be big parts of the next update, dedicated mining and exploration ships are missing in my fleet. This is the next item an my todo list.

    And then there are the upcoming Battletech and Total War: Warhammer 2 DLCs next month.

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    Originally Posted by MarkAusten View Post (Source)
    Outside of my 8am-4pm day job:
    Building a 10m x 10m "car port" for sheltering two cars, a tractor plus some accessories, hay for the horses and a few other bits and pieces.
    Replacing some fencing round the fields blown down by the big winds.
    Building a specialised action camera holder for the boat.
    Working on the boat (sanding varnishing, painting etc).
    Working on numerous house projects.
    Getting ready for the tree surgeon's visit on Wednesday.
    Sourcing a cherry picker and parts to repair the workshop roof blown off in the previous lot of his winds.
    Debugging and hopefully fixing the outside lights which no longer work.
    Planning a new roof for the stable block.
    Checking the central heating before the cold weather sets in.
    Cleaning, repairing and storing equipment now the reenactment season is finished.
    Washing and putting away the Summer clothes and getting out the Autumn/Winter clothes.

    ...and that's what I can remember off the top of my head.

    Doesn't leave a lot of time for playing games, unfortunately.
    It does leave enough time to surf the forums, though ;-)

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    As I've finally bought a Cutter Im back to getting some cash in the account.

    Think I may get me a T10 next and get it ready as a big bottomed mining ship...

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    Mentoring noobs. Look at the traffic reports. The game has a retention problem. The player base has a demographic problem in regards to experience so I'm trying to do my part to keep newcomers interested.

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    Making a PvP Vulture

    Rng has been kind this day!

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    Gettin' ready for the League!!!

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