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    What stupidity is this where we are validated posters and can't post in an off-topic forum? I thought there may have been something broken there where I had an adblock issue and it now showing the button to allow me to make a post, but the ultimate of ultimates showed when I tried to reply and said I couldn't post there...

    I'd post this in off-topic, but the first sentence says it all. If this is an FD attempt at guiding spam posting from off-topic, your logic is so flawed. You would just push unnecessary posts like this, and spam, onto the official forum post areas instead of where they belong in the first place - in off-topic.

    And, if it's a post count thing, OMG. See above, let's promote spam.

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    Here's the relevant sticky post, quoted for convenience:

    Originally Posted by Brett C View Post (Source)

    Due to an increase in spam, zero-day accounts, and/or throw-away accounts on our forums, we've chosen to implement a reputation gain threshold before being permitted to participate in the Off-topic forum section. We did not come to this decision easily, we've had much deliberation regarding this subject. This change is to ensure that our forums remains a safe, fun, and friendly environment for the Elite Dangerous players and community.

    Before being allowed to participate within this forum section, you will need to have procured a particular amount of reputation before being permitted to use the off-topic areas. As it stands right now, the reputation gate to this forum is elevated, and is subject to change in due time. We will not disclose the exact value due to possible gaming of the reputation system.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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    Welcome to the for...

    Oh nevermind.

    As above, yes it's a post count/reputation/time thing but no it's really really minimal. At one point there was a real issue with spambots, since the above fixes I don't think I've seen a single one which is pretty much unheard of for a forum of this size, as much as it's a pain for the first few posts it's definitely worth it.

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    The smart thing to do with that then, is to do the same thing I had to go through on THESE sets of forums - wait for moderation to approve it. Not just blatantly tell your posters to leave entirely.

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    Can we move this complaint to the Forum Support forum please?

    ... and maybe correct the spelling of conundrum whilst you are at it as the current thread title makes my eyes water.

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    Welcome to the forum Amodin, you're going to fit right in here!

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    And do not forget, when you will be accepted on the forum "off topic", the policy is forbidden.