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Thread: Jurassic Canon Dinosaurs

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    Originally Posted by Funderbunk View Post (Source)
    Also the apparently taxidermied animals in Lockwood Manor: Mononykus, Concavenator, Dimetrodon.
    I forgot about Concavenator and Mononykus, they definitely deserve to be on the list and in the game at some point! But as for Dimetrodon, I'm not so sure since it's not a dinosaur, we'll have to wait and see for the future if non-dinosaurs will be added to JWE at some point.

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    Meh... I understand what you're going for here, but I really don't think they should prioritize animals based on a link to Jurassic canon, particularly ones like Rugops or Dreadnoughtus that are linked to the series by only a name, which offers little more to start with than any animal omitted from the series entirely. There are lots of in-demand animals out there, many having no link to the series at all, and I think they should focus on those first before giving priority to ones that get little more than a cameo.

    That said, there are certainly some high-tier in-demand animals that have made some sort of appearance in the series... my preferences would be:
    Dimetrodon - Lockwood Manor exhibit
    Dryosaurus - JP Novel
    Elaphrosaurus - the holoscape?
    Euoplocephalus - JP Novel, Dino Protection List
    Herrerasaurus - Dino Protection List
    Pachyrhinosaurus - Dino Protection List
    Therizinosaurus - Supposedly added to the Indominus rex

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    Iím down for as many new dinosaurs as possible regardless if they are similar to the current JWE ones or not.

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