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Thread: C&P notoriety is trash for 100 reasons...

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    Originally Posted by CMDR Redcrest View Post (Source)
    Cutter gets caught for some stupid reason in the landing pad. My own landing pad at a weird angle the also means I'm blocking another.
    If you are approaching the pad from strange angles rather than lining up a suitable distance from the pad before approaching it then that is a user issue.

    I have had some weird clipping issues with various ships but it is a rare occurrence and normally happens when I have done something stupid.

    If you have the loitering timer, the simple answer is to menu log and then re-attempt the landing.

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    Meanwhile, I've continued to play since the intro of C&P and, short of a few detours to pay fines and the like, I've barely even noticed that C&P is a thing. And, yes, I break 'laws' in game... So, I don't know, maybe I'm not AFK enough - being AFK seems to be part of the OPs point [of some kind]

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