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Anyway, I'm sticking you back on my ignore list because every time I read your responses to my posts I'm have to go back and ponder how they are related, only to invariably come to the conclusion that it's an issue with your interpretation or presumptions and not my post.
Your arrogance knows no bounds - I have read your posts and your insistence that 2ms could be significant is largely smoke-and-mirrors. I never stated you were selling displays but the line of reasoning is identical to those that try to push such displays. Heavily flawed and couched in so much assumptions about how latency in any given area affects the game loop threads. That type of reasoning only really has even an iota of substance of legitimacy in the single threaded domain. Input control, network control, rendering, and entity control loops can all run independently of each other in different threads and with the correct patterns latency factors become largely irrelevant.

As for latency (of the display type we are referring to - Network latency is another matter all together) affecting the order of events - not significantly enough to matter.