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    The Expanse

    Firstly, I apologise profusely if this isn't an appropriate forum for a non-Elite question. However, I kind of regard it as sort of related, I couldn't see another section of this forum for non-ED musings and, dammit, I'm getting kind of desperate for information. I'm going to make an educated guess that many fans of ED will also be fans of The Expanse. Does anyone have any idea when season 3 is going to be shown in the UK??? It was shown in the US 6 months ago and my patience is wearing thing waiting for the UK release date, or any information on it.

    Sorry again for invading the ED forum with this but i reckon if any community are going to know about this it's going to be this one and desperate times call for desperate measures! For those ED fans that haven't been watching The Expanse I have to say shame on you! Lol. Joking but you should check it out...cheers.

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    Moved to the proper forum section for non-elite topics.

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    I know not. Series 3 is so good though.

    Series 4 will be interesting not sure if it will be what people expect.

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    there are several threads already in Off-Topic about the expanse, this is one of the more recent ones

    Considering that it is likely under negotiation with Netflix or some other(Amazon)....its not too likely to continue airing anywhere until the dust settles..

    Soo..if you really want to watch it, best bet is to buy the DVD set....or...not that I would ever promote what is considered an illegal action...find it elsewhere on the net...

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    As above, feel free to continue there