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Thread: Best experimental effect for increased FSD range?

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    Best experimental effect for increased FSD range?

    Deep Charge seem to increase range (which is what I'm after), but how about Mass Manager?

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    Depends on the size of the FSD. 6 or over, mass manager is better.

    Deep charge uses more fuel per jump though.

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    I just bought a Cutter and the FSD is a 7A. What effect will MM have?

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    Just have a play with 'em on EDSY. Mass Manager will give you a better effect on anything with... well, a lot of mass.

    I even use MM on my DBX even though deep charge might get better range, simply because the DBX has a small enough fuel scoop as it is.

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    For some ships with small tanks, I might pick Mass Manager for FSDs even smaller than class 5 or get an extra tank.

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    I always go mass manger.

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    I have Deep charge on my Conda explorer, this thread reminded me that I had this dilemma when outfitting it (in a hurry) months ago. I've just popped over to Farseer to change it & compare:

    Deep charge range = 61.34 (67.99)
    Mass Manager = 61.50 (68.27)

    Depends on the loadout of course, for one thing I'll probably be able to remove the extra fuel tank I fitted to deal with the high consumption of Deep Charge.

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    9 times out of 10 mass manager. Just use coriolis if not sure.

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    Ran deep charge on my asp for ages until I thought of checking coriolis and realised I had made a booboo.
    Mass manager it is now.
    Might be different on a true lightweight build though.

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    I'm currently engineering an iEagle. Conventional wisdom is Deep Charge, but it has a fuel tank the size of a thimble and time-efficient fuel scooping in my iEagle is always a race against overheating, so I'm now thinking that my decision to opt for Mass Manager (especially needing to scoop less fuel per jump) was the right one.

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    Originally Posted by Max Factor View Post (Source)
    I always go mass manger.
    I go Mass Manager on everything larger than a class 3 FSD. On small ships with small FSD's though I do put Deep Charge on, as it will grant a tiny extra bit of range.

    For the most part though, going MM on everything is perfectly fine.

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    Originally Posted by GreyAreaUK View Post (Source)
    Deep Charge seem to increase range (which is what I'm after), but how about Mass Manager?
    Depends on the ship and other factors.

    IME the range gains from the experimental effects are not always that good on balance.

    Mass Manager will increase range and fuel efficiency.
    Deep Charge will increase range but effectively reduce fuel efficiency.

    Personally, I tend to use Increased Range FSD tuning with either Mass Manager or Thermal Spread - the latter of these seems to allow for noticably more rapid jumping.