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Thread: Help! From a 'returnee' who's sort of having fun but.......

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    That is what we call existential despair. It is a consequence of having free will.

    If you are used to games telling you exactly what to do to fill that void, Elite can be a scary place. You need to learn to deal with the existential terror of figuring out what you want to do for yourself and then also needing to be entirely responsible for the consequences of those choices, even the consequences you weren't warned about ahead of time. Free will is a wild ride, not everyone is ready for it.

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    Originally Posted by RymdLazer View Post (Source)
    Especially games that ask me to be served silly story dialogue by awful stereotypical "characters".
    It's enough for me. And knowing there's more coming is just excellent.
    I'm going to boil you up!

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    Originally Posted by DarkPaladin View Post (Source)
    I'm going to boil you up!
    There's not enough character in an ED NPC to be stereotypical, just repetitive on the comms. That could (and should be) fixed with a really big text file; but we're not stuck with any obligatory Mary Sue dialogue trees in order to progress a questline.

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    There's a lot of very good games with no story.

    Unless you are a person who needs to have a story in a game for you to class it as good. I personally use many measures.

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    Originally Posted by DarkPaladin View Post (Source)
    I'm going to boil you up!

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    OP, if you are lacking a sense of porpoise, have you tried a Dolphin ....

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