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Thread: New ideas for Frontier to add to the game

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    New ideas for Frontier to add to the game

    1. Spinosaurus Baryonyx and Suchomimus are pretty cool as they are but it would be much cooler if there was a pond feeder for these dinosaurs to display their scientific Behavior and start hunting fish or possibly placing fish in water so we can watch these dinosaurs be the Fish Eaters they are. And if Frontier does decide to put more DINOSAURS of the spinosauridae into the game I hope they display the same features as well.

    2. The velociraptor skins need Improvement there needs to be cool Patterns for the velociraptors, like the Raptors we see in the Jurassic World movies or possibly from the Jurassic Park movies. Their behavior I would prefer to see these Raptors in the game hunting in packs like a like how it was displayed in the 2nd trailer, Deinonychus should be hunting as a pack aswell when hunting large animals.

    3. Giganotasaurus you guys should boost their population into 3 instead of 2 because these animals were more social than paleontologist believed and the same goes with the T-Rex. Another feature I would love to see is the Giganotasaurus slicing chunks of Flesh off the sauropods 2 feed in Gangs. And other shark tooth lizards should have the same feature as well if included in the game.

    4.There needs to be a site B mode similar from Jurassic Park operation Genesis so we can watch our dinosaurs roam the island because the sandbox mode to me is kind of disappointing how small it is and how we can't expand beyond that tiny sandbox area from Isla nublar. Frontier please consider this idea from the fans as well as me.

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    Please use the Ideas & Feature Requests Forum to post your ideas.
    One idea per thread.

    1. has already been asked, please discuss and rate here.

    2. The Velociraptors skins have already been asked you can discuss and rate here.

    3. hasn't been asked yet, you can post it there.

    4. A specific request for a Site B has not been asked before so you can post that also there.