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Thread: No stellar bodies

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    No stellar bodies


    just visited the system 'Col 285 Sector OS-T d3-148' which holds prestine resources, according to
    However, I see only a sun which I cannot target to activate the basic discovery scanner, see attached pic.

    This is a non-horizon account, could this be the reason?

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    A detailed surface scanner is required to reveal the resource level but you won't see it displayed for the star. You need planets, or at least some belt clusters, to see it yourself. If there are none, then it might be that the data is in your log files and that when someone passed through and scanned the star this was sent to EDDB but I'm no expert on the contents of log files to be certain.

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    You don't target the sun to activate the discovery scanner... and basic is not ideal

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    Basic scanner has a rango of 500 ls (light seconds). Any objects beyond that distance from your ship are not detected.
    Learn parralax discovery methods. You move and look for visibly moving ‘stars’ against the distant stars and fly toward them.
    Purchase a higher grade discovery scanner.
    Scan a nav beacon if it exists.

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    OP, not quite sure what you mean by targeting the sun to activate the BDS.

    You need to set the BDS to a fire group and then hold down the button you’ve set to activate it. You’ll see a bar for it in the HUD. You need to hold down the button until the bar is full, at which point you’ll hear a clear noise and you’ll get a message telling you the number of new bodies discovered.

    Discovery scanners also do a passive scan which you don’t need to manually activate, but there is a limited range on these. For the BDS, the passive scan range is 0.33 ls. That means that without you doing anything, your BDS will detect any bodies within 0.33ls of the ship and notify you of the discovery. The bodies it’s discovered will then appear in your nav panel and your HUD and can be targeted.

    When you target a body and then point towards it, if you’re close enough, then your Discovery Scanner will do a basic scan of the body. (I’m guessing this is what you mean you’re talking about activating the BDS in your post.)

    I would guess that what’s happened here is that you’ve not been doing the manual Discovery Scan but have been detecting bodies using the passive scan, but on this occasion you’ve come out of hyperspace further from the star than the BDS’s passive scan range. This will mean that you can’t target and scan the star.

    Try the manual scan and see what happens.

    Just note that as has already been mentioned above the BDS only has a relatively small active scan range (500ls) so there’ll still usually be a lot of bodies that you can’t detect from a scan near the star.

    Also a general run through:

    - manual discovery scan (or honk) - will detect bodies within range, but they will show as unexplored.
    - basic body scan (target the body, fly close enough and scan it) - will give you some info on the body and more credits for it. You will need to do this to get ‘first discovered by’ credit for any previously undiscovered bodies you find.
    - Detailed surface scan (same procedure as for the basic body scan but you need to have a Detailed Surface Scanner (DSS) installed as well as the Discovery Scanner) - this will give you extra information on the body and even more credits for it.

    (I’m using names just for explanation purposes here, so you may see these referred to as different things, for example Level I, II and III scans.)

    Hope that helps you, cmdr!


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    Fire the Discovery Scanner, and then you'll be able to select and scan the star, and any planets the scanner detects.

    Discovery Scanners also have a "passive detection" mode, which will detect and give a Level 1 scan for any object within a very small range (I think it's 10 Ls for the Basic scanner, up to 30 Ls for the Advanced). Which means you usually detect and then can select the star within a few seconds of arriving in the system.

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    The nearest Object in this System next to the Sun is the 1984Ls distant Col 285 Sector OS-T d3-148 1 Planet.
    Hence, a basic Discovery Scanner won't reveal anything in this System with the exception of the main Star.

    It'll take a little flying around (visually targeting Objects) to get the Ship within the 500Ls of the Basic Discovery Scanner range and honk it there to reveal the Stellar Bodies.

    Col 285 Sector OS-T d3-148 3 is a Class III Gas Giant with the Pristine Metallic Resources. It's 4922Ls from the Main Star.

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    Imagine how much more fun these threads are going to be in Q4 "well, you need to scan the electromagnetic spectrum to find the planet, first ..."

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    Thanks for your comments!