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Thread: Fuel Costs - Dp they need to be adjusted?

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    Originally Posted by Weps View Post (Source)
    So what you're basically saying is that while a pilot may see the same Refuel button from the cockpit of different ships, the "lore" explanation is that each ship uses different types of fuel designed for their specific engines?

    Like, the Sidewinder runs on pellet fuel, while the Anaconda needs some SW coaxium expensive glowy thingie.

    Yeah, if you don't want to mess with consumption rates and whatnot, and just want to go with a simple implementation of different prices for each ship, that would probably make the most sense.

    Or even different Fuel taxes on the same fuel

    Larger ships paying more in "landing tax" per tonne of fuel than a small ship.

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    Just filled up my impreza with v-power... 1.45 / ltr!!!!!!
    The price has jumped 10% in last few weeks!
    Nearly dropped the pump when I saw it!
    Worse is when using the car as it was designed for I get a total of 5mpg!!!

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