Try the 'new' USS Pirate Activity thread level 5-7. Which you'll find in systems in War/Lockdown/Civil war state. There are engineered NPC's. The payment is similar to HAZRES, but there are a lot of Anaconda's, FdL's, T10's and Vultures. Mainly Deadly and Elite, especially in thread level 6 & 7. Don't go in there without an engineered ship or with cargo.

In a threat level 6 Pirate USS with my Cutter. Killed about 5 condas and FdL's. Never lost shields but my hull was down to 80%. There are a lot of Occupied escape pods when you come in and the destroyed ships have quite some G5 mats.

Go for a high population independent high tech system that's on boom state. The high tech part made all the difference for me, instead of proto and radiolic stuff it was all proto heat radiators.

HGEs (PRA, PLA) will pop-up every 5 min, PHR 12 or 15 every 20 mins.

Allegiance:Independent Economy:Agriculture (Terraforming, Colony, Military) Government Dictatorship

Security:High Population:3,126,133,084
63.8% Mentor Movement Independent Dictatorship Boom