Over the next several months we will be looking for Commanders to run heavy cargo/mining/combat escort in the Fusang/Ho Hsi/Ascella/Aurai/Zeta Triangulae Australis corridor of the Sol Bubble. The group is entirely cooperative PvE. The idea is to make the most of wing cargo/mining missions to help industrialize that area of the Sol Bubble.

Come and go as you please. The Fusang Heavy Engineering Corporation will exist in order to have a pool of cargo wingmates and escort where necessary. Eventually, the goal is to become a lead contractor for the contruction of starports in the more resource rich areas of the Sol Bubble and to reach out and aid in the reconstruction of the Thargoid raided stations.

Again. This is meant to be completely co-operative and Commanders are expected to come and go as they please when they are seeking mission work (Cargo / Multicrew SLF/ Mining)

Again "F-H-E (#FHE) is a corporation" and expects to operate via utilizing ship commanders on a subcontractual basis

The setup of this organization is in the ground stages and will hopeful;ly be adopted into Elite Dangerous as a registered Minor Faction

We will be based out of Federation space, but not aligned with any powers and seek to avoid political involvement with either the Federation, Empire or The Alliance

For more info, please reply to this post, or seek me out on Twitter @CMDRJIMSMUZZ