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Thread: Chapter Four Streamer Schedule

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    Shattermage here. I will be streaming what I can of the beta and offer analysis/feedback of the features. I do not have a set schedule (my job is prohibitive to one) but I plan to be live this week a few times in the evening US Eastern Time zone, maybe an occasional morning stream.

    Thank you, Paige!

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    What about 24h stream this year? It was a lot of fun and raised some big money for gaming of disabled children.

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    Love me some elite. Usually get time to play between 2pm and 4pm Eastern US time! Member of The Sovereignty Stream Team

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    Hey All, I stream Elite Dangerous on Tuesday and Friday afternoons my channel can be found at



    Father Bill

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    I would like to be added to the list if its possible.New Streamer...Explorer from Canonn group.I will be steaming everyday mostly at afternoons.

    TimeZone:GMT +2

    Language: English/Greek


    Thanks in advance!

    With best regards!

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    Hi All

    I CMDR Buur, I do a regular Elite Dangerous news show every Friday and also a travel log from the Fatherhoods Lost Souls Expedition (usually on Tuesdays). I also do ad-hoc videos throughout the week as events (and beta!) demand. I've been doing that little lot since about June / July and I've just started streaming as well so there will be more of that on the channel in the very near future.

    You can find me on Youtube at:

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