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Thread: 25 years of Frontier Elite 2

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    Having played Elite at school back in '84, and later on the C64, i couldn't wait to get hold of FE2. Strange thing is, I recently found the map that came with it and the book!
    Brought back some happy memories!
    Trying to get the hang of Newtonian flight after Elite was a proper PITA, but got there in the end.

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    FE2 is an amazing game even today. I whiled away weeks of my time on it, and that was while I had Dangerous downloaded!

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    FE2 was the game finally that got me to splash out on a 68030 accelerator card for my Amiga so it would play more smoothly. I spent so many hours on that game I don't think my Elite Dangerous hours have surpassed it yet.

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