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  • 1 : - Listeri69 : Insert part AX34 into BY99 and screw...

    3 37.50%
  • 2 : - Draxxor : David Attenbanana

    4 50.00%
  • 3 : - Galactic Midden : Knowing Me, Knowing You (ah-naa)

    4 50.00%
  • 4 : - Frank : Think Big

    5 62.50%
  • 5 : - Phong : Aytoopee recycling centre - Middensville

    2 25.00%
  • 6 : - Fletchmo : The Re-Wengie of the Herbs

    3 37.50%
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Thread: Drabble Short Story Contest - #275 - Bananas

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    Drabble Short Story Contest - #275 - Bananas

    yeah Yeah YEAH!! I Know.. G VOTE RIGGED..

    anyway CONGRATULATIONS to the smell Listeri69 who defeated us all for a birthday win, well done..

    He brunge'd us the theme "bananas"

    So Lets take a look at this weeks offerings........ gah..

    show at 7pm, thats about 3 hours from now..

    1 : - Listeri69 : Insert part AX34 into BY99 and screw...

    'It's huge' moof said to kow pointing at it wildly.
    'I know I found it in that closet'
    'anything else in there?'
    'Just some other human'
    'nothing important then'
    'So what are you going to do with it'
    'Well obviously I'm going to insert it'
    'Where you inserting that thing'
    'I've got a huge slot that needs filling'
    'Need any help getting it in?'
    'It might need a bit of lube'
    'Well I'm going to put the spacesuit on this time'
    'Are you sure? Last time you sharted down the inside'
    'There we go one banana bobble head successfully installed'

    2 : - Draxxor : David Attenbanana

    Its breeding season for the humble banana and this female banana is out looking for a mate.
    She slowly slides her way around, stopping every so often to smell the air.
    Onward she goes and in time she catches onto the scent of a male but shes not the only one.
    A bunch like this can only cause problems and not long after a fight breaks out.
    Peels are split and lifes are lost but the female has come out with only a few bruises.
    The male then proceeds to breed with the female in an act we call "sitting".

    3 : - Galactic Midden : Knowing Me, Knowing You (ah-naa)

    The annual festival was crazy. As well as being fanatically observed by all 3 million inhabitants of this damp rim world, it was often marked by outlandish commandments designed to instill fear and cement the rule of Wee.
    The religious fervour was reaching climax as the 16 members of the grand circle of Wees stood before the One Wee's spouting box.
    Wee Wees, hear me, fear me.
    The Great Wee has touched upon me and this year his holiness has decreed that diversity has exceeded decent bounds.
    From today there shall be no As. No Anabells, no Andys, no Annas.

    4 : - Frank : Think Big

    "Are you sure that's your smallest banana?"
    The stallholder frowned. "That banana is tiny. Why do you want one smaller than that? What are you going to do with it?"
    Harold regarded the banana with a look of disdain. It was only 3 inches long, but it was perfectly formed. He decided it would be difficult to find one better suited for the job.
    He got home, put the banana on a table, took out a massive bag of onionhead, placed it beside the banana and took a picture. He uploaded the image to G-Bay titling it "Banana for scale".

    5 : - Phong : Aytoopee recycling centre - Middensville

    Gibbon peered through the canopy,gaze focused on the cone of light ahead.
    Thunder shivered the air,sultry blasts of sulpher laden gases from the bubbling mud pits competing with the rotten egg smell of noxiousness,battering the scarab.
    Tyres,floundering for purchase,span wildly as they squirted and squelched their way to the summit of the mouldering pile of rottingness.
    Soon it would bee time for lunch,and he had a pretty good idea what was on the menu.
    He sighed contentedly as he unzipped his lunchpack,fondling dessert as he waited for the mushroom soup to heat.

    6 : - Fletchmo : The Re-Wengie of the Herbs

    Klaxons wailed. People ran around screaming.
    It was worse than the Thargoid attacks of 3304.
    The station burned, then all the oxygen was sucked out into the void of space.
    The klaxons fell silent. Not a single soul survived.
    Bananas had been close to extinction in the 21st century because they couldn’t reproduce naturally, mankind had saved the species with “careful” genetic modification of the herb’s DNA.
    Little did they realise that by the 35th century, the Banana Republic would evolve into an evil attack force, hell bent on taking over the whole galaxy and extermination of all sub-par species.

    Please do vote for your favourite 3 of the drabbles above...

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    Well done Frank.