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Thread: Important: Update 1.5 coming soon!

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    For the update : Very good news! I've been very negative about this game... but I've to admit I was wrong. Since some monthes, the game changed and get the features I really wanted to see.
    Very good job!

    For the DLC, except for the new genes modifications, It seems all useless for me. I really hate the hybrid idea from jurassic world (a very bad film with a very stupid scenario in my humble opinion). But it's a logical choice to implement these beasts.
    I play JWE cause I'm a Jurassic Park fan... not a JW fan.

    I'll buy it cause I want possibilities to make more great predators to live together. But the new dinosaurs, hybrids and doc Wu missions are useless for me. I hoped new park buildings and decorations but... maybe It'll be in future DLC.

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    This sounds like an amazing update! Really looking forward to herding dinosaurs and day night cycle. Keep up the good work frontier!

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    Sounds really good. I'm looking forward to this Update.

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    After this update, therinzinosourus and better park and enclosure customization is all I want, aside from baby dinos of course

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    You know... if herding is implemented... and carnivors herd... then I think Frontier may have a foundation for pack hunting behaviors in a future update!

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    Is the Giganotasaurus ever gonna get fixed?

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    Cool but where's the '93 building skins that we've been asking for since day 1? You guys seem to be working in reverse with this stuff. Who cares about feeder capacity.

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    Not too thrilled about the hybrids but everything else is amazing including that new camouflage gene. jsi7iv has a great point, this definitely could lay the foundation for amazing things in the future

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    Originally Posted by Tgk72 View Post (Source)
    Please be decorations and new attractions..
    Please be decorations and new attractions..
    Please be decorations and new attractions..
    PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE be decorations and new attractions!

    We have enough dinos for now, our parks are SUFFERING in the aesthetics and personalizing department! At least let us place single trees/bushes anywhere and give us some fountains and benches. My poor visitors have to walk for miles in the humid jungle heat without anywhere to sit or even shade to stand under.

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    Originally Posted by Mr.Yeet View Post (Source)
    After this update, therinzinosourus and better park and enclosure customization is all I want, aside from baby dinos of course
    What I most wanted to see was a system of baby dinos! As in the image below!

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    Please Frontier, add a DLC of nests!!! We want male dinosaurs and puppies!!!!!!

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    Originally Posted by Mr.Yeet View Post (Source)
    See what you should be doing is instead complaining, you gather a bunch of others that want these fixes and complain and beg together. People complained and begged tohether about the dino AI, and look what happened.
    I'm trying. It would be cool to have an effect on the community and the game itself. I could see the accurate giga remodel and think "I did that"... *sniff*

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    Are people seriously still asking for baby dinosaurs... The work that would have to be put in to make that would take forever... It's like people don't stop and think about, how their ideas are supposed to be implemented.

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    Glad to see progress being made to keep the game fresh, and I apologise if this has already been asked; with the new herding mechanic, how (if at all) does this effect breakouts? If the lead animal decides to break down a fence and escape, does this mean your entire squad/herd are going to follow said leader out into the wilderness?

    I'd also like to know whether this mechanic allows for multiple larger carnivores (of the same type) in an enclosure? I'd love to put two T-Rex's together, but at the moment, I can't; one will kill the other.


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    (Marc WP) Eternity nothing.
    Frontier herself says she works hard to improve the game. I do not want to fight but sincerely ... every suggestion that comes up you criticize, nothing is good enough for you, stop criticizing people, we have the right to give our suggestions. Making the puppies is not so difficult, Zoo Tycoon has breeding system because Jurassic World Evolution would not have !!? I'm thinking of the best for the game.