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Thread: Did servers die?

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    Well... I needed to have lunch anyways, so I guess this is as good as time as any.

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    Yes I'm having connection problems too.

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    (UK) same here, tried my 7 PG, Solo & Open, cant play for more then 90secs

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    Not yet ready for play, 5ve disconnect in 4 minutes ... going back play live.

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    Same problem here. Can't connect, "error 404", etc.

    Well, as usually servers can't take the weight of us all trying to enter at the same time to make things go BOOM! So better wait for an hour or so till servers get stable again.

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    and more bindings to setup

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    Now can connect but get disconnected after a couple of minutes or less. Unplayable at the moment. Better wait as I said before until things get more stable.

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    I mean this in the nicest way, I really do but is it not typical FD?

    You know, release a major Beta update and forget about having sufficient server capacity to deal with the inevitable demand to test said Beta.

    Makes me laugh...which is better than cry.

    Originally Posted by SHPRITZ View Post (Source)
    and again more binds to set I have just discovered - again.

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    We're looking into it, Commanders. Hold tight!

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    Originally Posted by Tony H. View Post (Source)
    Can't play SOLO, got these errors!

    Not related to solo, this message comes even before selecting game mode.

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    Servers are heavily burping...

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    One down. I repeat: One down.

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    Again server crash in the mid playing private group and i went to open play playing for 5min and connection error again.

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    After my 10th disconnection before even exiting the outfitting screen...I'm off to play Red Dead again.