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Thread: Content Recap: Beyond - Chapter Four Livestream - New Ships

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    We are getting exploration and mining focused patch. Explorers will get a decent ship for them - Krait Phantom, but what about miners? Every miner I talked was expecting a Panther Clipper, cause there was an info from FD that we will get ship, that everyone is waiting for a very long time. Mamba is a huge disappointment for us, cause we got a lot of figthers in this year and noone was asking for another one.
    I wanted to came back to E, cause of mining rework. Now I have my doubts about it, cause I'm really bored about Conda or Cutter. And many people said same on the stream chat, so I'm not alone here with this thinking.

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    Will, in the future when Frontier presents new ships to the community please also include a look at the outfitting screens. In particular show us the core internals sizes, optional internal sizes, hull mass, in addition to the hardpoints and utilities. All of the pertinent stat info which allows players to determine the shipís capabilities and possible roles. Without this information the reveals donít really do us much good for anything other than looks.

    I know I was personally really looking forward to this stream but I was very disappointed with its lack of information.

    Thank you.

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    No love for the Phantom's cockpit? From the brief view we saw, it's very red 'n' plush. Pimp my explorer!

    (The conspiracy theorist in me speculates the cockpits are getting more detailed in the new ships because walking around our ships is coming relatively Soon(tm), next major update maybe).

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    Are the stats provided for the Krait Phantom on the Wiki accurate?

    According to this, it only has a 16T fuel tank, and it's optional internals are just barely better than the Asp Explorer ... for a rather ridiculous 37 million price tag. This is extremely disappointing as the hull mass made it look like a good candidate for exploration. But now ... not really, no. The bigger and heavier Krait Mk2 is still better in every sense, especially in terms of bang for the buck.

    I'm working with the assumption that this is a work in progress and not the final result. If you do wish for this to be the final result, you'll absolutely NEED to drop that price tag significantly. If you wish to keep that price tag intact, you'll need to give her a 32T fuel tank and the same optional internals as Krait Mk2 (minus the SLF perhaps) while dropping her PD to a class 6 to match her weapon loadout. Then that would be fair. Not to mention the exceptional exploration ship we've been asking for for YEARS.

    Please understand that the entire community has been begging for a solid long range explorer to bridge the gap between the AspE and Anaconda for a long long time. We thought the Krait Phantom could have had potential, but not with those stats.

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    Originally Posted by magnaram View Post (Source)
    No ships exploration and no SRV. Thank you again
    I dunno, The Phantom is going to give the ASPX a run for it's money

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    Originally Posted by Phoenix_Dfire View Post (Source)
    I dunno, The Phantom is going to give the ASPX a run for it's money
    Not with that fuel tank it won't. Or price tag given the optional internals.

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    After seeing the livestream I wasn't impressed at all by the new ships.

    The Mamba seemed to me like a FDL mk2, just another combat toy on top of the pile of fighters we already got, I still don't fancy it.

    The Phantom however seemed like a pumped up Cobra mk3 to me at first but the more I look at it the more I start liking it.
    Imho it can be a very nice alternative for the Asp Explorer.
    The Asp never grew on me, I never liked it's boxy shape and boring cockpit.
    I will definitely try and turn the Phantom into a good explorer that not only performs well but looks good too.

    Personally 50ly jumprange is enough for me, I never felt the need to go out to the most outer rim anyway and exploration is not going as far as fast as I can to me.
    Eight optional internals is more then enough, especially now that the ADS is a standard piece of gear now.

    For aesthetic reasons I hope Fdev will release a couple nice paints and a shipkit for the Phantom pretty soon, it's awfully flat on top and one thing I liked about the Krait mk2 were the two side cockpits but they're taken off from the Phantom.

    I was hoping for a dedicated explorer and mining ship to complement the main features of the Q4 update.
    I think the Phantom could be that exploration ship, why Fdev decided to cough up another combat ship is beyond my understanding however.

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    The two ships 'showcased' look good for sure; but like others posting here - I was expecting a little more than just the 2 ships in this livestream. Compared to the other streams this was by far the shortest and had very little content. I would have swapped this with in an earlier stream - it's not the content reveal streams you really want to end on imho.

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    I'm surprised they didn't even mention the removal of the cabin only internals on the Saud Kruger ships. That's a big change and yet it wasn't even brought up in the "Ships" stream. Makes me wonder if there will be any other surprise changes to existing ships as well?

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    Originally Posted by magnaram View Post (Source)
    No ships exploration and no SRV. Thank you again
    Any ships an exploration ship if you're brave enough No new SRVs or dedicated exploration ships is a let down though. I'm still excited for the update, I'll just keep exploring in my T9 until they release something better.

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    Highlight for me from that stream - we are getting a ship lights indicator at last, yay!

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    Originally Posted by CMDR MAIN SEQUENCE View Post (Source)
    Highlight for me from that stream - we are getting a ship lights indicator at last, yay!
    I will honestly say that I am just as excited for that feature as Adam was.

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    Originally Posted by Kaybe View Post (Source)
    Are the stats provided for the Krait Phantom on the Wiki accurate?
    They are not. There is no source anywhere for the stats they use, the same goes for Coriolis. FD have not released information on ship hull or module sizes. Coriolis and the wiki stats are at best educated guesses.

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    Originally Posted by Kaybe View Post (Source)
    Not with that fuel tank it won't. Or price tag given the optional internals.
    I'm going to give my Phantom an additional 8t fuel tank. With the DS now being an integral part of the ships, an explorer needs 7 slots for the basic comforts: surface scanner, scoop, shield, dual AFMU, Guardian FSD booster, vehicle hangar. The 8th slot isn't of much use alone. You could put a fighter bay there, to have some canyon fun somewhere far away without risking the main ship, but the Phantom doesn't have a fighter bay door. Other choices for the 8th slot could be repair or fuel limpets, but then you need a 9th slot to store the limpets in, the Phantom doesn't have that, and I won't go shieldless. So it's a fuel tank...

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    Originally Posted by Will Flanagan View Post (Source)
    Greetings Commanders,

    If you missed tonight's content reveal livestream or just wanted a recap of all the features discussed, read the notes below from Executive Producer Adam Woods and Senior Designer Barry Clark.

    Please note this is part 4 of 4 livestreams, for more details click here!

    Krait Phantom

    With a spacious cargo hold and a relatively generous quantity of hardpoints, the Krait Phantom is a versatile ship suited to a range of roles. It has enough firepower to hold its own against larger targets, and enough straight-line speed to outpace smaller targets. The ship also offers eight internal compartments, allowing the pilot to tailor the ship to their requirements. And while it lacks the firepower and fighter bay of its sister ship, the Krait Mk II, it is both faster and lighter.

    • 2 Large and 2 Medium Hardpoints
    • 8 Internal Optional slots
    • Top speed of 256m/s and a boost speed of 358m/s
    • 8.23LY laden FSD range
    • Approximately 37,000,000 credits


    Based on an unreleased racing prototype, the Mamba is one of the fastest ships in production. It can also deliver a lot of punishment, boasting one huge and two large hardpoints. This emphasis on firepower and speed means the ship can hit hard and fast, vanishing before the target has a chance to react. Comparisons to the Fer-de-Lance, also produced by Zorgon Peterson, will be inevitable, but the Mamba is in fact faster in a straight line, while being slightly less maneuverable.

    • 1 Huge, 2 Large and 2 Small Hardpoints
    • 5 Internal Optional slots
    • Top speed of 316m/s and a boost speed of 387m/s
    • 6.37LY laden FSD range
    • Approximately 55,000,000 credits


    If you missed our recap on Exploration, the Codex and Visual Improvements, check the thread out here.
    If you missed our recap on the Background Simulation changes and new Scenarios, check the thread out here.
    If you missed our recap on Mining and Squadrons, check the thread out here.
    Thanks a lot for the recap, Will. But please don't do an Ed, skipping the addition of the Ship Light indicator as if it was a useless feature. I recall seeing quite a few threads over the past years requesting specifically this nice little QoL update, so it absolutely deserves an entry in this recap list!