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did they mention anything on modules required, and hardpoints? i aint got an hour spare to watch it all
Module details are sparse and it's hard to know whos right given some conflicting accounts (Phantom fuel tank is C5 on coriolis beta but people keep saying C4 here). Hardpoints were confirmed: Phantom 2L 2M, Mamba 1H 2L 2S.

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There is another way...... Engineering to remove hard points to increase FSD size. Or maybe just reduce weight and let an internal slot merge to increase FSD
FSD sizes are large steps. Going from a C5 to a C6 enables 400T hull with larger sensors/Life support/thrusters to out jump a 280T hull. Putting the C6 FSD on that 280T (or 260T) hull would be a massive escalation in range.