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Thread: Crash when going to island 02. Crash when starting Challenge mode.

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    Good to hear!
    I can imagine you guys and gals will have Christmas vacation soon, so have a great Christmas and new year to you all at Frontier :)

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    For me I solved this bug by deactivating 8 of 16 cores from my ryzen threadripper and then everythinmg was fine. Maybe its the same problem too. (I used amd's ryzen master tool to deactivate, so you dont have to go into your bios)

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    Thanks a lot Johnaldo! I will give it a try later this month.
    Still Frontier really should get a proper fix out.

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    Any update on a patch? I still havenīt been able to play the game.

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    We're unable to provide updates on ongoing investigations.

    In the meantime, if you are comfortable and confident in doing so, you may experience a reduction in the frequency of your crash by reducing the active amount of CPU cores.

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    Thanks for the reply, i prefer not playing around with my cpu cores. I will wait for a patch :)

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