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Thread: Is it possible to restore my save in the Beta?

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    Is it possible to restore my save in the Beta?


    I cleared my save in the new beta like an idiot because I didn't realize that the new triple-elite decal and the mamba were going to be part of it -- so now I find myself wishing I had access to that save. Is it too late to restore it back to the point it was at when the beta was originally loaded? I often hear lovely stories about you guys over in support so thanks a bunch if you can help; no big deal if you can't. I know things are busy right now.

    My CMDR is Korinne Eichwald and I'm on PC.

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    in the same boat took ticket out three times no reply

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    Hey there CMDR's
    When you create a new CMDR in the Beta you should have 100 million credits to start you off, so you should be able to try out most things like the mamba with that initial cash boost.

    Additionally, Red2712, we reply to every support ticket that we receive so it may be that they've got lost somewhere or you didn't submit them in the right place. The correct place to submit a ticket is here:

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    I'm aware of the 100 million but I was thinking that the ship will probably cost more like 140 million or so to A-rate and also since i cleared my save I would be unable to test it out in its engineered form without going through the process of unlocking all of the engineers and getting all the materials again. In anycase, thank you for your response

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    If you do want the original beta commander back, feel free to open a ticket for us at