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    Your Feature Request / Idea
    Thee are many, far worthier dinosaurs being suggested here, and I don't want to duplicate the existing threads mentioning many wonderful themes and species that I've already rated. I'm sure Frontier is going by votes for single threads, after all, not number of threads on a similar topic.

    The game currently has two dromaeosaurs - Deinonychus and Velociraptor, which in the Jurassic Park universe most fans know are the same basic species. We're soon going to see the addition of Troodon, another medium-sized dromaeosaur.

    So, why do we need Utahraptor ostromaysorum, another species of dromaeosaur? I recommend it for a few reasons:

    a) It is one of the largest dromaeosaurs known, roughly twice the size of Deinonychus; this alone would set it apart as unique from its cousins already included in the game, as well as other larger carnivores.

    b) The species' discovery brought comparisons to the recently released first film immediately, due to its immense size, as was noted on the Jurassic Park Institute website and some books. It had been remarked by Jody Duncan, "we designed it [fr the film], we built it, and then they discovered it." There was even talk of naming the species for Steven Spielberg in exchange for a financial donation.

    c) Less important to Frontier but to many fans, it has been featured twice in Jurassic Park toy lines, in multiple games including the iconic Jurassic Park Trespasser as a boss and the new Jurassic World Alive app -- there is franchise history involved here, although not nearly as rich as the JP:TG/JPOG species.

    They are often represented by fans with an orange and black coloration, according to the Kenner toy, and similar colors in a different pattern were used for the Trespasser appearance.

    (Second image courtesy of JPToys)

    If you'd like to see this species, please give this thread five stars! Thank you ^^

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    It seems a good addition to the game, and if we think about the velociraptors of the movies actually resemble a utahraptor much more than the velociraptors, of course the genetic modifications to bring them back to life could have modified their size.