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Thread: Unable to connect to Server

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    Unable to connect to Server

    The Elite launcher is opening and connecting OK, but once I reach the main screen I am unable to START and connect to the server it just shows in RED.
    Been like this for the past two days.
    Everything else internet related is connected and working fine.

    I attach my latest DXDIAG file for your reference and would appreciate your support in getting connected.

    Thank you

    Cmdr Kennzo
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    Hey Kennzo,
    Would you please be able to send us a ticket regarding this and our support team can try and help you out with this. You can open up a ticket here:

    In that ticket if you could also include a screenshot of the exact error message that you receive that should be helpful.

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    I'm having the same issues.
    I am sitting at the menu but the start button remains red. HAve been running both the main game and the beta fine before but it has been stopped for a few days now.
    Suppor ticket sent.

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    no, I'm in new zealand.

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    Sorry to hear that Mat,

    Please also send us a ticket: and we'll be happy to help.