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Thread: So...the NDA was for what purpose?

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    Originally Posted by JohnRoberts View Post (Source)
    New Ships Alliance Chieftan, Challenger, Crusader, Krait MkII and Phanton, Mamba
    Wing Missions and Mission Improvements
    Revised Trade Data
    Planetary Visual Improvements
    Crime and Punishment
    Engineering mechanics and accessibility changes
    Material Trader
    Technology Broker
    Additional interactions with Megaships and installations
    GalNet Audio
    Additional Thargoid Content
    Additional Gardian Content
    Change of Mining gameplay
    Change of Exploration gameplay
    Enviromental Lighting Improvements
    Updates to BGS
    Lights Indicator, Off, Dipped or Main Beam
    Superb post

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    Originally Posted by Rambojambo View Post (Source)
    You can't wait for a game to fail? Sounds a little bitter.
    Im not bitter. I just think Beth is going to wrong way with their franchise considering their track record for producing games that have minimal QC with tons of bugs and rely heavily on a modding community. Then decide to come out with a MP game using the same engine as the last game and say it will be fair and balanced. The beta was a farce to just sell more pre-orders.

    I want FO76 to fail, so maybe Beth will take a long good look at their development process and actually produce a quality product. I have nothing against them trying to make a Multiplayer game.

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    Well yes, but apart from that what have FD ever done for us?
    They built a game encompassing the entire milky way galaxy, and a forum for you to post your whining.

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    Originally Posted by StuartGT View Post (Source)
    Superb post
    A list of small things constitutes a 'superb post'. People's expectations are really low around here. Must be the easiest gaming community to keep happy -

    "look, we fixed that rubbish gameplay after 4 years and didn't even charge you extra for it"
    "Oh thank you Frontier, can you please let us buy paintjobs and shipkits as well"
    "Go in tnen, but don't say we're not good to you"


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    Originally Posted by Rambojambo View Post (Source)
    I guess some people are more easily pleased than others.
    More like realistic expectations.

    Originally Posted by Rambojambo View Post (Source)
    Do you regard bug fixes as free content as well?
    I would think most people would see bug fixes as bug fixes to the content that is there.

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    Thread closed..

    I'd explain why but I'm under an NDA.

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