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    Break out animations

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    I would prefer it if the dinosaurs had specific animation to break out of enclosures, and if small and medium dinos where made unable to break trough the concrete...

    It would increase immersion if he raptors and Diloís could damage the fences enough to stop the current running through them... then just climb out of them... it would also be better if the dinos didnít just continue to attack the fences.

    Attacking the fences should hurt the dinos and discourage continuous attacks, my biggest gripe is the fact the dinos just attack the same spot over and over... when they should take breaks between attacks.

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    This would be a really good addition as all the carnivores have the same animation which looks so weird especially for small carnivores.There should be specific types of animations depending on the fence type.Like for the chained fences a carnivore can break it open using its teeth and not just ram into it.As you mentioned raptors should climb over the fences after finding out a weak point in the enclosure to escape.

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    I have already constructed a neat list here for this exact thing to make fencing more dynamic:

    • Small Dinosaurs are no longer able to break Heavy Steel, Electrified Heavy Steel, Concrete, or Electrified Concrete Fences (Ex: Struthiomimus, Velociraptor / Ornithomimidae, Dromaeosauridae)
    • Small Dinosaurs that attack Heavy Steel or Concrete Fences should give up after trying to break them or suffer injury including concussion or being knocked unconscious
    • Small Dinosaurs that attack Light Electrified Fences will be deterred unless comfort levels drop too low
    • Small Dinosaurs may break Light Electrified Fences with minor health penalty; attacking Electrified Heavy Steel or Electrified Concrete Fences will result in serious injury including coma or death
    • Medium Dinosaurs may break Light Steel and Electrified Light Steel Fences (Ex: Metriacanthosaurus, Kentrosaurus)
    • Medium Dinosaurs may break Heavy Steel Fences when rampaging, but may not break Electrified Heavy Steel Fences and will instead suffer minor injury and be deterred
    • Medium Dinosaurs that attack Concrete Fences may suffer concussions and be knocked unconscious; attacking Electrified Concrete Fences will cause serious injury including coma or death
    • Large Dinosaurs may break Light Steel, Electrified Light Steel, and Heavy Steel Fences (Ex: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Giganotosaurus, Spinosasurus)
    • Large Dinosaurs are deterred by Electrified Heavy Steel and Concrete Fences, but may break them if agitated and at risk of minor-medium injury
    • Large Dinosaurs cannot break through Electrified Concrete Fences and may be knocked unconscious

    "Exception remains that unpowered Electrified Fences are vulnerable to dinosaurs capable of breaking the non-electrified versions"

    Special Cases
    • Velociraptors & Deinonychus may climb over, but not break Heavy Steel, Electrified Heavy Steel (unpowered), Concrete, and Electrified Concrete (unpowered) Fences
    • Sauropod Dinosaurs may break all, but Electrified Concrete Fences although they are deterred by Electrified Heavy Steel Fences and Concrete Fences take time to break
    • Indominus Rex may break all fence types and is only deterred by Electrified Concrete Fences
    • Indoraptor shares its climbing ability with Velociraptors & Deinonychus, but additionally is able to break Heavy Steel Fences and Electrified Heavy Steel Fences if agitated

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    These breakout animations should be improved, I agree. Small animals, for example, should NOT be able to break ANY kind of fence in the game, actually. Except for the ones with "Pope heads" (Stygimoloch, for example). Velociraptors, as said, should be able to CLIMB, and climb only.

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    Sounds good to me, but include Pachycephalasaurus as one that can break through concrete.

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    I considered the Pachycephalosaurs as an option; however, when I looked at how thick the concrete walls are I just couldn't reasonably expect them to bust it. It would make more sense than a Struthy, but still, the Pachycephalosaurus and its kin fall into a sort of in-between category. Perhaps I should make a special case for it as well. I could see it busting through a Heavy Steel fence, for instance, that would set their kind apart as a small herbivore capable of hitting above its weight class kind of like the Deinonychus being able to climb over fences.

    These are the kind of things I would simply love to see more of in the game. Giving the dinosaurs classes and unique traits so they become more interesting and hold their own challenges to keep. It keeps you on your toes and helps dictate you use more variety in enclosure types. For instance, it seems silly that I still see people not using electrified fencing for Raptors when this breed is basically the poster child for them.

    Addressing the Small dinosaur category, I wanted there to be this intrinsic risk conveyed that housing any type of dinosaur can be dangerous. For more casual and younger players this is also a way to give them a taste of the coming challenges without overwhelming them. Sure, a Struthy isn't going to be your worst enemy ever and it'll break out rarely, but I can go either way on this category and compromise, like Pachys being the only small herbivore capable of breaking fences.