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Thread: Limpet Controller Engineer?

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    Limpet Controller Engineer?

    Maybe this exists in some way, but I don't see it on the list. They just seem like an easy and useful thing to have an engineer for, and could really colorize play. Tradeoffs could be limpet time, range, speed, and quantity supported. This would help offset the need for multiple controllers for some tasks a little. Each type would also have specifics.

    PROSPECTOR: Yield bonus mods, with experimentals that either increase ore yield, increase materials yield, or generate a random chance of a very high value material.

    COLLECTOR: Speed. For the love of God, speed. Experimentals to give them an NPC AI enough to fly around obstacles, usable as a weapon to attach to a target and increase its mass by 1 ton until the limpet expires, or to go back into the cargo hold after collecting to refuel (but require a locked target to deploy in exchange)

    HATCH BREAKER: Duration that the hatch is kept offline and dumping cargo. Experimentals to convert them to Salvage Limpets that damage unshielded targets and vent g1 and g2 (maybe even g3) materials or Disruption Limpets that cause the FSD to stop charging and enter cool down.

    FUEL LIMPETS: Amount transferred. Experimentals to siphon fuel from the target instead of deliver fuel (leech Limpets) or to also do hull and/or module repair.

    RECON LIMPETS: speed of process. Experimentals to use like a tracking device to automatically wake scan a ship you attach one to as if you had a wake scanner or temporarily disrupt the ability to change pips.

    Just some at work musings and something to discuss that isn't griefing. So discuss!

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    I don't think adding engineering would be my first priority for limpets. Consolidated limpet racks, more durable, and dockable/re-useable limpets would all be before that.

    But, yeah, more engineering to tweak more things.