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Thread: The 2018 World Chess Championship

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    Magnus Carlsen will be the World Champion for the next two years, I'll post the details of the 3 rapid games played in a moment

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    Originally Posted by Manticore View Post (Source)
    I don't play chess much I find it a bit slow (although it's a game I would play against a computer). That being said it is a fascinating game........... always has been.
    You could of course, play blitz if you want it to be fast, bullet if you really want to test your nerves.

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    Originally Posted by Flowey View Post (Source)
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Holy ****, Fabi could have won game 6, however, the techique was so hard that not even the best grandmasters with access to computers could understand it!According to Sesse, it was mate in 30 at some point!

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