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Thread: JPOG DLC: Cut Dinosaurs Edition

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    JPOG DLC: Cut Dinosaurs Edition

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    Alright, so I see that people wanted a JPOG theme DLC for Jurassic World Evolution and I don't blame them, I also like to see some dinosaurs make it into this game. But as there's not much going on about the Cut Dinosaur content from that game, I thought I made a DLC dedicated to them for Jurassic World Evolution:

    -Alioramus (Gives some more variety in the Medium Carnivore section)

    -Iguanodon (A Herbivore that a lot of us can agree on)

    -Ornithomimus (Small Herbivore that actually give the family tree its name, but that isn't the reason why I put it here. It's for variety)

    -Panoplosaurus (I would imagine that this will be another "Annoying" Nodosaur Dinosaur with how much species it can tolerate, but with this being focused around cut Dinosaurs, I had to put i here)

    -Tenontosaurus (Seems like there's going to be a lot of Ornithopoda after this, but what can I do?)

    -Thescelosaurus (We do need more Small Dinosaurs along with Ornithomimus)

    -Wuerhosaurus (The only Stegosaur on this list)

    -Yanchuanosaurus (A interesting Metriacanthosauridae that might make a good edition)

    That's all the Dinosaurs that will probably make a good Dinosaur DLC. Of course I did leave out some names mainly because they're already in the base game. I wouldn't be surprised if, at least, 1 of these Dinosaurs make it into another (Probably already planned) DLC. I hope you like the Idea of a DLC more focused around a DLC that we do want, but with Cut Dinosaurs instead

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