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Thread: FSD for my little stuff?

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    FSD for my little stuff?

    I have one ship I use for travel; my Clipper. It's got a maxed out A grade FSD and I just call my courier and iEagle to where I'll be operating after I get there. The Clipper uses a Stripped Down drive geared for jump distance.

    Before I leave the area around Long Sight Base for my next engineer, I need to toss some mods on my iEagle and iCourier so I can at least get Experimental bonuses. I'm thinking g2 dirty drives and probably multi-resist shielding, but if these little guys only hop one or two jumps from whereever the clipper is, what would be the best mod for their FSD? I use the Courier and iEagle both for BH and CZ, though the courier also makes quick cargo runs sometimes.

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    Depends what you use them for, but I see no reason not to have G5 Increased Range FSD mods on every FSD.

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    Depends what you're looking for.

    Fast Boot is the normal mod' applied to racers simply because it's the only FSD mod' which doesn't incur any weight penalty.
    Bung a G1 fast-boot mod' on a ship, with the Stripped-Down XFX for the lightest possible FSD.

    Shielded applies a small(ish) weight penalty but adds a bit to your range and integrity while allowing you to apply the XFX of choice.

    And, of course, Long-Range gives you greater FSD range (who knew, right?) but applies the biggest weight penalty - which is a bad thing if you don't really care about range and just want a light ship.

    When I was building my speedy Viper 3, I spent a bit of time playing about with different choices of FSD and I realised that a bigger D-rated FSD gave a better range, and was lighter, than a smaller A-rated alternative.
    I just decided that 10Ly would be all I needed and then played with Coriolis to figure out the lightest drive and mod' that could give me that.

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    Originally Posted by CorvusDove View Post (Source)
    The Clipper uses a Stripped Down drive geared for jump distance
    Do you mean the Stripped Down FSD experimental? Because you get better distance with Mass Manager or Deep Charge.

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    With class 5 and above FSDs go with mass manager for better jump range.
    Class 3 FSDs and below used deep charge for better jump range. Class 4 FSD is an edge chase.