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Thread: Do you remember my indominus can camouflage idea?

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    Do you remember my indominus can camouflage idea?

    So, it was confirmed an new DLC on 20 of november that will add an gene modification, so that the i-rex can camouflage. IM SO HAPPY

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    If it's a gene that can be applied to any dinosaur that'd be better. Lost World Carnotaurus time.

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    I'm with you there, the Indominus will feel so much more unique and interesting thanks to this new gene. Before it was pretty boring since the only unique thing about it was it was pale and could kill sauropods.

    Similarly, I would love if they enabled this gene to be used with the Carnotaurus as a throwback to Michael Crichton's "The Lost World." I don't want to see the camouflage gene just applied to every species, I think Frontier needs to do more things like this it will help differentiate species and make them more interesting and unique. Like only small carnivores having pack hunting, and hadrosaurs and ornithomimids being able to escape predation, Majungasaurus cannibalizing one another, etc. would really make species more unique and special to have in your park. Seeing how the Troodon has a venomous bite too, I am very hopeful this is the direction Frontier is intent on going towards.

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    Now all they have to do is make it so that the Carnotaurus can use the same gene. Then we can have 2 nearly invisible Carno's creeping around at night.