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Thread: My wishlist (sorry if there is repost)

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    My wishlist (sorry if there is repost)

    Your Feature Request / Idea

    I played the game for approx 30h and here my wish list for improvements:

    1- Allow the player to send feedback directly from the game (issues/improvements/bugs...)

    2- Please reset the former zoom when exit the vehicle control or building details view, or rails construction, ... It's very annoying to have to re-zoom out.

    3- Please propose a solution to easily enlarge the path even if a building close to it.

    4- It's sometimes very difficult to understand why it's impossible to place a building, the game should highlight the area which is in conflict, especially the terrain. The obstruction is not working well with the power cable or the rails, you have to delete them and rebuild them at the exact same place after placing your building.

    5- Please highlight the fence when in construction mode, otherwise it's impossible to build it properly when there is trees around.

    6- Sometime I have contracts concerning dinosaures which are not available (and no fossile available to unlock). It's very frustrating.

    7- It would be great to propose a dashboard to in order to monitor the dinosaur, grouped by species which would indicate the health, age, well beeping, ...

    8- When there is an alert, if I click on the icon it's triggering the "strategic view" it would be very appreciable to center the view according to the selected alert.

    9- In this "strategic view" it would be nice to add a little notification close to the feeder icons in order to indicate if this feeder will be top up. (same as ranger view)

    10- In the hatchery genome list list it would be nice to have the related dinosaures (which are in the park linked to this hatchery) grouped at the beginning of the list and with their number and status, ideally with the minimum needed to reach the dinosaure need.

    11- Again concerning the hatchery, it's always the last selected dinosaure which is selected by default, it's a good idea but it would be better if it was specific of each hatchery or for the hatcheries linked to the same park.

    12- Still in the hatchery, please add a quick search and maybe a simple filter herbivore/carnivore.

    It's all for the time being. Again sorry if re-mentioned some already requested features.

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