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Thread: Idea: Moving Dinosaurs between islands!

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    Idea: Moving Dinosaurs between islands!

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    A great feature that would be in-line with established canon is the ability to transport and move dinosaurs between islands and parks. For example: If you have an Rex on Isla Matanceros, you can transport it to a enclosure on Isla Tacano. It could use a similar mechanic as the Sell Dinosaur option. It could cost a fee, say a percentage of what the animal is worth (to cover transport costs) and you can transport them to any island you want, even if you do not have an enclosure made because, well, safety is up to you; if you transport a dino and set em loose without an enclosure, well that's on you and your insurance claims for guest deaths!

    It would add a level of realism and would be nifty so you don't have to grow new animals all the time on struggling islands. Perhaps a special building for that purpose that could "house" the dinos until you are ready to place them on the new island where they are being moved to. It would also be a way to move highly rated animals with Prestige (coming up on Nov 20th, a new stat) and Infamy to increase guest ratings, like a traveling show!

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    Isn't this already possible/doable? Someone once told me it was. Well then, I'll have to vote for this

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    Not sure about the Dinosaur moving Island Idea, as I think it would take the fun away from the other Islands, though it would be more realistic.

    However I would love to be able to move Finance over.

    E:G If you have 50 Million on Matanceros, you should be able to spend it on Pena.