Building on my previous post about the Anaconda, I actually interpret all of the ships in the game with major design changes as being later models of the ones in earlier games (canonically it's been, like, two centuries, right?). Making old-school variants of the existing ships (not low-poly or anything, just more similar in body shape) is actually something I'd really love to see - especially for the Asp.

The Asp has a gorgeous body shape - I love the Asp Scout more than the Explorer purely because it's closer to that sleek, front-loaded design - but the one thing I hate is the Lakon bubble-cockpit. It just feels off on that sleek, angular body. Having an Annie or Python-style 'slit window' cockpit would help keep it way more streamlined, and including the old Asp MkII would probably be a nice way to see that. might be able to tell, but I put waaay more stock in how my ships look than how practical they are ;P