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Thread: Mission's Type's Rewards VS Payout Net Gain and You

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    Mission's Type's Rewards VS Payout Net Gain and You

    Dear Fdev,

    I have some issues that I would like to discuss with you and Yes I know please bare with me as I will try my ut-most to deliver this in not only a well thought out argument but refrain from acting like a crazy person as much as I can. Having Said that;

    I would like to call your attention to massive semitic issues regarding mission type vs payout type for one.

    For example; Massacre Missions are currently the ONLY mission type that I have been able to find with any degree or measure of frequency Rewarding "Exquisite Focus Crystals" Which you may or maynot know are a Grade5 extremely rare resource that allow for the following upgrades:

    My Question in part is thus; Why are these missions the only type of mission that yield this specific reward?

    My next question is in regards to mission payout I have found a perfect example recently and I really wish this website offered a simpler way to post images other then using a 3rd party hosting site ...
    so I give you example A)

    Now using this example and then doing the math using current market pricing in the local system and the not so local system, which can very widely for Extremely Various reasons from, a single system to a great many systems not having the needed supply to full-full the mission goal or parameters, to the Cost of filling the mission parameters runs the player into a -negative meaning taking the mission ranges from not worth taking to not worth posting this mission for the highest level of gain.

    And while yes you can say dont take the mission all day long, then why is it even offered?

    Now lets do the math using EDDB.
    Current Buy Range for this Specific commodity ranges from 1,306 - 2,209, And again even if you are attempting to get this at the lowest possible price the systems that offer this ware the Top Eight Systems dont have enough supply to fill the order combined! So lets just go to the first system that does. Which currently at the time of this posting is Pyritapiyar at 1,675 which means 1675 * 4267 = 7,147,225 (7.14Million) and can you see the problem yet?

    Lets take it a step further 7147225 - 1740003 = 5,407,192 in the negative at best!
    VS the same
    7,147,225 - 556,081 = 6,591,114 That means at worse if you are specifically trying to grind your trade rep up and your looking to Rep you are working at a serious negative, But heres the kicker because thats not the worst part. The worst part would be if you try to stay in the local system and not head out 60Ly + which is where those price examples being used came from. Had I done that instead?
    2128 would have came from in system for 2177Cr/ea = 4,632,656
    1044 would have came 11Ly away for 2138Cr/ea = 2,232,072
    the remaining 1095 from Ebor for 2191Cr/ea = 2,232,072

    For a Sub total of 9,087,800 thats before you count what the mission reward possibilities are.

    Now again I can understand people saying dont take the missions, which honestly I think thats a cop-out that traders should not be punished in this matter, on top of that. I have taken multiple missions like this. I have been interdicted and murdered several times even in a high security system. There-by loosing upwards of 20Million+ On a single trade mission.

    For reference this is the "TradeShip" Ive been using for clear reasons why at the same time clear reasons why I shouldn't.

    Now it appears that many mission types are seemingly bound to a specific set of rewards. meaning you have to do this mission type if you want a specific reward with little to know other options.

    This brings me to hopfully my last question's; Are you folks over at Fdev out of idea's for how to fix issues like this? Do you even consider this an issue? Would you even be interested in idea's that would fix this like this because let me say I actually play the game atleast for the time being and I have numerous idea's

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    Hey Brian,

    I'll do my best to answer your questions but please keep in mind that as this is the support forum, some of them may be better suited to a discussion or feedback category.

    1) As far as I am aware, you can get EFCs from multiple mission types, however you would need to be allied with the local minor factions for the best chance to see them as they are very rare.

    2) This is a balance question which isn't something we here in support can comment on, I'd recommend redirecting the feedback to a different topic. However, one thing to note is that your example is a wing mission which assumes that up to 4 people participate in the purchase of the cargo and each receive the full reward.

    3) Our developers frequently make changes where mission values seem a little off, so it's entirely possible that the payouts for trading missions may change in the future, unfortunately though, as mentioned this isn't something we can help with over here!

    Fly safe o7