A sort of shimmering appeared in the nothingness at a distance of about two kilometres from Barnardīs station. The shimmering changed into a glow, a scintillating pattern of lights. From the middle of it, an unusual ship appeared to grow. As the ship grew, the surrounding light dimmed, until the long, narrow ship matched the length of the now very faint elliptical glow.
As the ship turned to point towards the station, the glow disappeared entirely.
The ship approached the station, lining up with the entrance.
Apparently, ship to station communications took place. The ship approached rapidly, entered without incident and came softly to rest on pad 21.
A hatch opened, the pilot stepped out of the ship.

The pilot ran a hand through the long, straight falls of white hair while looking around, acclimatising itself, then nodded to itself and headed off towards the open public areas.

Several minutes later, the doors to the Thargoid & FerdeLance swung open and the pilot of the strange ship entered the bar. It was unusually dark in the room as the pilot walked over to the bar...