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Thread: The Thargoid and Fer-de-Lance

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    Through furrowed white eyebrows Frank glowers at Psykokow, "That's the stitchin' in ma shirt. No point in chucking a good shirt just cuz a bit of wear n' tear."

    Frank beams with pride "Sewed it up myself. I wuz gonna ask Minerva ta do it on her fancy nanostitch machine fer an invisible repair but she didn't take kindly to the idea last time I asked."

    As he helps the health inspector out he looks back and screeches to Reighdar "I'd never have guessed Alestorm. Still your turn ta think of another riddle then"

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    Agent Psykokow returns with a new eyepatch, and a set of crutches.
    "Frank, I really must buy you a drink as a thank you, also while I'm here if I could check through your mining paperworks.... you do have your risk assessments and accident logs?"

    The Agent stands at the jukebox and fingers his way down through the selections.... he spies a classic tune from his days at the refuge processing plants..

    "Cheroid - "Life after Lave",

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    Originally Posted by Frank View Post (Source)
    As he helps the health inspector out he looks back and screeches to Reighdar "I'd never have guessed Alestorm. Still your turn ta think of another riddle then"
    Reighdar calls back "I still haven't heard the song title, Frank. The question still stands."

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    Clutching at straws

    Death Throes of the Terrorsquid?

    Ain't no one else playing this game?

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    I missed the clue... but bring it on old timer!!

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    Cutting through the Red Tape

    Frank sits in an alcove seat with a pile of official looking forms in front of him. With a puzzled expression on his face he turns to the health and safety inspector and asks "You sure I need ta fill these.. " he gives a quick exasperated gesture towards the paperwork "I ain't been mining fer ages. Ma brother, Joe stole my ship. All he done left me wuz a bag o' rocks

    I'm workin' fer Cap'n Caribou now. I asked him 'bout risk assessments and safety audits. He tolds me he'd take care of any inspectors so I guess you should speaks ta him. But every good worker should be concerned about the safety of himself and his co-workers. Got this helmet as second prize in a song riddle contest. There one goin' on just now:-

    The band is a storm in a beer glass and the song is for Liqua.
    The Storm has to fit in a glass of Ale.
    If you really want some thing big search for a Leviathan.

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    Originally Posted by Frank View Post (Source)
    The band is a storm in a beer glass and the song is for Liqua.
    The Storm has to fit in a glass of Ale.
    If you really want some thing big search for a Leviathan.
    The Leviathan bit was to get you the to the correct band, which Frank has found.

    Now find the song for Liqua.

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    The Agent casts his mind back to his youth, what was that advice that Captain Morgan gave him?

    The Agent had fallen in love with Nancy the tavern wench but had found himself too shy to act on it. Captain Morgan taught him that theres only one thing he needs.

    Wenches and Mead. lots of Wenches......and mead!

    He was a drunken crazed old fool Captain Morgan..

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    Commander Newhouse modestly walks in. Noticing the rowdy bunch sipping at hazardous concoctions in the far end. How he got here, he doesn't know.

    Some of the voices are familiar. Another reason to use the few available seconds he has to absorb what's happening. Before catching attention by using his foreign tongue once again. Golden Empire badges, Federation caps. What's with the fashion these days. And WHAT happened to aerosol deodorant?

    He was once a rookie too, at the Elite. Known as Snakebyte to those he ever got intimate or hostile with. Yes, he is now bearded and scarred like many others here. Familiar faces. But boy, the memories are faint. He obviously spent one too many galaxy ends at Milliways. When he left there, he doesn't know. Or how. But now, he's here.

    Bartender, do you serve a proper meal?

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    Another stab in the dark

    Pirate Song?.. what with him being a pirate an' all.

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    Events unfold...

    She visited him later that night. Mark knew from her expression that it wasn't a social call despite the earlier texts. She told him to be at the bar the following day 09:30 sharp and to expect an important visitor.

    They met up outside the Thargoid and Fer de Lance. He could tell straight away that something was different about the feel of the place. There seemed to be a lot of clean cut, smartly dressed young people in the bar. To the trained eye it was pretty obvious these weren't run of the mill spacers that you normally find in bars. Discrete bulges indicated the presence of shoulder holsters (despite station regulations banning firearms). Some of the regulars were missing.

    Mark knew the way these operations worked, any undesirables or security risks would be subtly encouraged to be elsewhere for the duration of the meeting. Usually a few free tickets or some credits were enough to persuade people . With Illu they had sent a pretty blonde agent to lure him away from the bar and the health inspector had received a complaint about a restaurant on the other side of the station.

    Frank and Reighdar were still discussing the quiz question.

    They entered the back room that Garthyre would sometimes rent out for private parties. Waiting for them was a tall distinguished lady in her late fifties. Mark was surprised, it was the Director of Naval Intelligence, Admiral Vanessa Atalanta. "Good Morning commander, major... please sit down"

    Mark was worried, it wasn't normal for the Director to visit agents in the field even in friendly systems like Barnard's Star. "It's nice to see you looking so well after your unfortunate incident Commander and good to see that you've finally come to your senses and rejoined the service. It appears that the local office gave you some incorrect information regarding your situation. I'm here to put that right." continued the admiral.

    " We have a leak in Naval Intelligence, we don't know who it is and we only have suspicions about who they are working for. For now I can only say that it isn't the Empire or the Alliance. We believe that one of the corporations is targeting our people. A number of agents have died in suspicious circumstances. I need people that I can trust to investigate this." she said gravely.

    Mark replied "So what exactly is my part in this, admiral , and what about her?"

    "You are now a full time undercover agent and she is your liaison officer. She will be your only contact with this organisation from now on. Officially you aren't on the books. We can't pay you directly, though we can help by providing accommodation and some expenses. You have the perfect cover to get to a lot of places we need to investigate. You should continue your trading and smuggling activities for now and from time to time we will send you a job."

    "You realise I don't have a ship right now and the insurance company is playing hardball. Anyway what happens if I refuse? and can't I have someone else as liaison officer?"

    "We know about your situation. If something comes up we can make arrangements. As for the insurance company, accept their offer, they won't pay any more.

    If you refuse, then people will start asking awkward questions such as where exactly did you get that military laser from?

    I know that you two have a history together and you still seem to have some personal issues. However, I'm sure that you are also aware of how capable she is. I'd prefer to deploy her somewhere more useful than baby sitting you, but I have no one else that I can trust to keep you in check. Whatever the issues are, sort them. The Major will fully brief you. Now I must return to Sol. Good day to you both." With that the admiral left the bar and things gradually went back to normal, leaving Mark and the Major to discuss what had just happened.

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    Originally Posted by Frank View Post (Source)
    Pirate Song?.. what with him being a pirate an' all.
    'Ka ching'!

    "You are a pirate" was also a possibility.

    'Here Frank you have earned it', Reighdar passes a small bottle over to Frank. The label reads

    "Snake Venom. The drink with a bite, from Cobra-cobana, Sol III"

    'Just be careful with it, water it down with Janx spirit!'.

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    Smug n Confused

    Agent Psykokow strolled cautiously back into the Thargoid and Fer-de-Lance.
    This has had to have been his weirdest day ever since becoming a health inspector.

    Firstly getting a anonymous tip about "McThargoids" serving McThargoid burgers that contained a percentage of Greackolian Asp venom and possibly a hint of humanoid dna, was a huge potential risk to public health. To then be met by the manager and treated to a 5 course McThargoid meal with Hohoti wine, well these days just don't come around very frequently.
    The meal was exquisite, delicious and most definately venom free. And after conducting stringent tests on the kitchen facilities prior to his meal, the Agent had to accept that the tip was utterly bogus.. still a free meal is a free meal.

    However the pleasantries of this meal were called into question when a number of hours later Psykokow awoke in a large medical waste container. He felt well enough for someone surrounded and covered in the dis-guarded parts from various medical procedures, but very unsettled by his lost recollection. Maybe Frank would know something about the tip?

    He reached the bar and leant over it slightly to take the weight from his now weary legs. 'A pint of water please' he asked the young bar attendant.
    'wat?' they snapped?
    'A pint of water please? you do serve water?', The agent was growing impatient, 'Regulations state a non alcoholic alternative MUST be available to any patron upon request, failure could see your license her revoked'.
    'Oh alternative... yeah we got that... hold on'
    The young girl crouched behind the bar and returned with a pint glass full of what looked to be black treacle.
    'here you go sir' she slid the glass into the agent's hand.
    'What the heck is that supposed to be?' He scowled at her and prodded the contents of the glass. The black liquid rippled with his touch and his finger could not break the surface.
    'It's tar sir' she smiled 'our alternative to alcohol' she pointed at the exit. 'Feel free to drink it in our alternative bar setting'
    The Agent slid the glass back, felt a little heave in his throat and decided to retire to one of the booths to ponder the recent events in peace.

    What the hell was going on here?

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    Commander Barley walks in, orders himself a Jameson's and takes a seat in Sheldon's spot.

    Upon walking away from the bar, he passes the bar tender a copy of '1000 Practical Uses of Greeble', with a cryptic note sticking out from between the pages:

    "I'll make this a stickied post...on second thoughts it's probably more suitable in general chat"

    The bartender isn't sure what it means, but a paying customer is a paying customer, and more books are always welcome.

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    The minutes slipped by like a pint of non alcoholic beverage at The Thargoid and Fer-de-Lance, and the tiring Agent rested his forehead on the table in the booth.

    He was tempted to give his head a slow couple of donks on the wood substitute to make sure he was not still under the influence of whatever substance his McThargoids was laced with. *DONK*

    It hurt almost as much as his pride, he reached into his pockets to examine his pocket notebook, but found a wrap of soggy bandage instead.

    He boaked.. it must have gotten in there while he was in the medical waste container... He dared not look at the bundle of putrid dressing, but he could feel something strange was inside it.. he unravelled the package.


    The severed digit fell onto the table and left a slightly green residue. Psykokow stuffed the remaining bandage down the back of the chair and was about to get up and leave when he noticed some writing on the finger.

    He focused on the side of the digit... it was a tattoo...

    It read,

    "Pondering a gigantic deep colourless void"

    The Agent wanted to fire up the jukebox, but what song should he play?? He knew Frank could work this riddle out..

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