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Thread: The Thargoid and Fer-de-Lance

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    Hi 2nd hand Orca was a reliable enough ship, smelled of stale cheese and desperation... but it most importantly god the job done.

    The passenger cabins where a sight to behold, resplendant in disguarded fast food wrappers and inch deep space dust, they clearly hadn't be used to transport anyone of importance... well unless they died in there.

    Psykokow wiped the spilled gravy off the screen and spotted the stray noodle that lead to his miscourse. He ate it and replotted a course to Barnard's Star.

    It was 23 jumps away, that was going to me Scooping fuel or stop offs... neither a particularly bright prospect.

    As a Hutton Trucker, he had been many places, and had many fines, and some fairly bad reputation. As for Scooping, well the amount of stray oil from his chinese take away refuge, could cook anything in the ship to a delightfully crispy state.

    He had hired a valet service, but they never returned from his ship.. they were in there somewhere... occaisionaly on a tight bank or heavy landing you'd hear a distance squeal.

    He often thought about venting his ship in the deep, to expel all the excesses of modern space flight...but he couldnt be responsible for the destruction of the life created in his junk ecosystem, nor did he want to pay the hefty fines for killing the valets.

    He requested take off permission, fired up the engines and lifted slowly up, then softly out of the slot, well more bounced off the top of the toast rack and hitting an eagle to its feiry death in a tangled mess of metal below.

    He was finally on his way home.

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    Richard entered the bar. Straight away he could tell that something had changed, The usual décor had been replaced by potted palms and garish coloured lights. It looked suspiciously as if Sven was trying to convert the T&F into a trendy cocktail bar. Frank's barstool was in it's usual place. Frank sat there bemused at the cocktail umbrella and fruit in the neck of his bottle of Janx, only the straw stopped him from complaining.

    Behind the bar there was a hand written notice ' A free cocktail to anyone who can solve this riddle and name the song "By no measure is this group Imperial as they sing of three Gs" . If you can also name the animated film that uses this song over it's end credits you win free cocktails all night."

    Just then Richard caught sight of Mark and Amber at their usual table. From the collection of empty glasses it was clear that they must have known the answer. Richard headed over to join them.

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    Jenner watched the ice cubes dance in her Exicoce Starshine as she swirled the contents idly. She sat alone with her thoughs at a booth in one of the innumerable dark spaces in the bar. She's been off the station a lot recently taking care of Sirius Corp business and hadn't really re-connected with any of her old acquaintances.

    She glanced down again at her crisp Sirius uniform. 'Rollo you .... ' she thought. 'Seems I'm destined to be under your boot until the stars fade.'

    Taking a sip of her drink she noticed Richard walking by.

    "Hello, old friend" she said. "Pleasant evening."

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    Oh and Carmella made some Cannoli. They're on the bar - Enjoy
    I think I need something stronger!


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