Well, the new mining is not going well for me:

- Most of the 'roids I target are made of rubber - all charges seem to bounce a lot.
- Half the 'roids are not mapped to the right size (charges when they do land are floating 50m above the surface etc.)
- Not many have fissures.
- Most fissures have little reward.


I have decided the Pulse Wave Scanner (PWS) is most good:

1. Don't bother with all the other new kit (until it's sorted).

2. Equip the PWS and prospectors/collectors as usual.

3. Use the PWS to locate high value targets.

4. Fire prospector.

5. Reap rewards.

I have found I am doubling my yield/halved my time compared to previous mining.

Even if the bugs are sorted I will be surprised if they can beat this rate per hour.