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Thread: It's November 11th... And I can't hear it!!!

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    It's November 11th... And I can't hear it!!!

    This forum needs More Cowbell...

    Commander Kicks... Are you still alive?

    Now that Halloween and for some, Bonfire night, is behind us, things get a little dull in the long, monotonous road to Christmas.

    So there was once a tradition around the end of the year where we used to honour a certain Cmdr Kicks and his infamous Cowbell by switching avatar for a few weeks and generally spreading good cheer and having a good light-hearted laugh.

    It lived in 2014 and 2015 and was revived last year by Alex Brentnall. I object and am hereby restarting this tradition...
    Join us and welcome in the winter with a bit of mid-festive cheer.

    Original revival thread.

    Giph link here:

    Cmdr Kicks, the origin story:!

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    The cowbell follows me everywhere lol

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    No, the cowbell leads... You follow it.... LOL

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    So, what is the significance of November 11th in relation to this "tradition"?

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    Yeah baby... for the mug !!!