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Thread: Different skin pattern options with customizable colors

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    Different skin pattern options with customizable colors

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    On the subreddit user supercanada_eh posted a pretty cool idea to simultaneously boost skin variation and player creativity. Here's the idea:

    "In the genetic modifications, their would be an added tab for each dinosaur, this tab would contain 3-5 slots that would allow for skin customization for your dinosaurs. When selected, you would get a new screen that would have the dinosaurs model in a idle animation that you can spin around. On each side of the screen there would be different options, like on the right side you could have the colors with customizable hues, and on the left there would be some generic pattern loadouts or whatever. The changing of the skin would be with a paintbrush tool allowing for great customization. When finished the skin, it will be added to the custom skin roster and would be applied to cloned dinosaurs the same way a normal skin is. The main reason I came up with this, besides the fact that it would add some much needed customization, would be so console players in particular aren't screwed over like every other game because mods aren't supported. If you guys have any thoughts I would love to hear them!"

    I think that sounds really cool and not too hard to implement.

    Here is the link to the reddit thread

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    Yeah for sure, it would be awesome to see images on the net of different and customised skins that players create freely, without limitations for example a light and dark blue (Ocean like camo) on the Carno or maybe a green spino and black t-rex.

    the colour combinations would be endless

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    Yeah I thought the same. Even if we only got a limited number of colors and patterns the combination possibilities would still be almost unlimited.