Your Feature Request / Idea
Being able to move Finance over from one Island to another, would be a realistic way foward I think.

You currently run all 5 Islands + Nublar

If you think of this in a real world situation then it might make more sense to what I'm trying to suggest.

You in charge of the islands, your given a budget to begin with, and you have to use that and make money instantly.

So in real life you would have 1 budget for everything.

My suggestion is this, when you start the game on Matanceros, you should be given 5 million budget, use that to work on Matanceros, but when you complete that, and unlock Muerta, you should be able to use that money when starting a new Island

So you have one budget for all Islands.

I think this is a good Idea because it would make us think more about which Islands need the money spending on, and which can survive on their own.

There could be two set ups. the game takes money out of the balance to repair building, refill feeders, sedate escaped dinosaurs and healing the sick on islands your not working on.

Or another opition is the balance earnt from shops and attraction on island your not on, goes into an account that you have to return to and withdraw the collected money like a bank. So you have to top up the Islands account.

This I feel would be amazing and real make us think how to play the game differently everytime, also it would mean that we aren't fully in control and we have work along side the AI, as a team.