Your Feature Request / Idea
Hi everyone! I made a brand new account just for this so go me. Anyway after asking the Facebook page I was directed to here so let's delve into my questions for the developer's shall we? Other people are free to comment their own thoughts on this but don't like, be overly rude or aggressive about it okay? Especially as I'd like to stress these questions/opinions are written from the perspective of being aimed solely at the developers.

Okay so I utterly adored JW:E's adherence to movie cannon, sound design and animation for the dinosaurs. I've heard claims there's been a lot of complaints regarding dinosaur A.I and sizes which are being/have been address. That is all well and good but, as a game design student myself, I have a few questions and thoughts of my own to throw in.

One. Are you going to expand on the park management side of things? Such as specific types of guests (perhaps to build on how different factions have their own guests) with their own specific needs? Such as with how Operation Genesis had four different guests?

Two. Are the buildings going to be expanded? This ties into point one but currently when guests want "food" they don't care what kind of food venue, or what kind of food it serves, you put down or at least that was my own personal experiences.

Three. Is there any plans for the islands to be more....roomy? This is an issue for me when it comes to building things like the fossil centre, research centre and expedition centre. Those take up a lot of space (and power which requires even more space given up) yet do not directly do anything for the guests. Is their a plan for those to be maybe rolled into a single building?

On the subject of rolling things into a single building. I genuinely hope you do that with the ACU and ranger stations. I understand why they're separate departments from a business perspective but I don't see the point in them needing separate buildings especially on more cramped islands. This further ties into the my prior criticism regarding how buildings that don't directly affect the guests and dinosaurs eat up a huge amount of space due to the building themselves and the energy requirements involved.