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Thread: More C&C grief

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    More C&C grief

    For a 1k bounty I can't move over to my most expensive ship. I'm not trying to transfer it, I just want to walk from this hangar to that one.

    Since bounties are tied to a ship and not the player, I have no way to pay off the 1k so I can use my ship. I can't even pay the 1k at the station it is impounded at because the bounty is tied to the ship and not me.

    It's kind of like if the police tow your car for parking in the wrong place but you can't pay the fee because you aren't currently in the towed car.

    EDIT: Went to a interstellar factors and can't pay the fine that way either. Still a wanted ship I can't move over to because it has a fine and can't pay the fine because I can't get in the ship.

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    Move over to a different station that isn't controlled by the faction who issues the bounty and transfer your ship there - at a premium.

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    I had something similar a while back when I forgot to pay off a small bounty gained on my SRV (it didn't show in the transactions panel). As Jukelo says I threw money at the problem & moved the ship.

    Since then I try to stick to a personal rule of not changing ship or loadout until I'm clean again.