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Thread: Mining puls wave scanner

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    Mining puls wave scanner

    Greetings everyone.

    To be honest i don't know if we have to call it "bug" or other kind of stuff but is not first time i saw something like that.

    As you can see i fired a prospector to dark orange asteroid after pulsing and the result is 42% painite is not to be considered interesting ?
    The pulse scanner let us to see wich kind of asteroird is more "lucrative" well ok if we talking about fissure and so on, but 42 % of painite for me is to be consider lucrative enough and at least have to be show in yellow color don't you agree with me ?

    Thank you

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    I think the general consensus in the beta feedback forum is that the colours are determined by the prevalence / presence of the three new "features" an asteroid can have. That is certainly what I found with it as well.

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    Yep, pulse scanner just tells you which rocks you can use the new tools on. Doesn't tell you which are worth using those tools on. It's pretty much useless. You're better off just randomly prospecting rocks like non-beta and then hope you somehow also get a rock worth using the new tools on. Those 3 extra hardpoints that you're dragging along on the off chance they might be useful...if you're lucky. Save the utility slot for something useful.

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    Greetings everyone,
    Sorry for late reply !

    Thank you for the answer, yeah i understood the pulse wave scanner show effectively where use the new tool, but i was consider the term used during the streaming and the dev (Adam if remember his name correctly) just say the pulse wave scanner show the most lucrative asteroid ( i repeat i know with lucrative can mean a better yield of certain material) but i'm worried new player especially will be start focused to hunt only yellow bright rock and that's can lead a misunderstunding process of the mining career.

    I will write a note over the link you give to me Vulcan thank you !

    Best wishes and take care.