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Thread: Dinosaurs needed by continents

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    Dinosaurs needed by continents

    Your Feature Request / Idea
    These are the dinosaurs that should be in the game in my opinion for rariety or high demand by the public from what I've seen. (7 Each) = (* are my personal choice)

    North America + Canada

    - Albertosaurus - Carnivore - Canada
    - Camptosaurus - Herbivore - Mixed
    - Ornithomimus - Herbivore - America
    - Daspletosaurus - Carnivore - America *
    - Diabloceratops - Herbivore - America
    - plateosaurus - Herbivore - America
    - Acrocanthosaurus - Carnivore - America *

    South America

    - Chilesaurus - Herbivore - Chile
    - Herrerasaurus - Carnivore - Argentina *
    - Mapusaurus - Carnivore - Argentina
    - Irritator - Carnivore - Brazil
    - Brachytrachelopan - Argentina
    - Skorpiovenator - Carnivore - Argentina *
    - Patagotitan - Herbivore - Argentina

    Asia + Oceania

    - Austrailventor - Carnivore - Austrailia *
    - Wuerhosaurus - Herbivore - Mongolia
    - Protoceratops - Herbivore - Mongolia
    - Ichthyovenator - Carnivore - Laos *
    - Therizinosaurus - Herbivore - Mongolia
    - Monolophosaurus - Carnivore - China
    - Walgettosuchus or Rapator - Carnivore - Australia


    - Concavenator - Carnivore - Spain *
    - Altispinax - Carnivore - England *
    - Liliensternus - Carnivore - Germany
    - Rebbachisaurus - Herbivore - Morocco
    - Neovenator - Carnivore - England
    - Scelidosaurus - Herbivore -England
    - Iguanodon - Herbivore - Mixed

    African + India

    - Abrictosaurus - Herbivore - South Africa
    - Rajasaurus - Carnivore - India
    - Nigersaurus - Herbivore - Africa
    - Ouranosaurus - Herbivore - Africa
    - Eocarcharia - Carnivore - Africa *
    - Isisaurus - Herbivore - India *
    - Heterodontosaurus - Herbivore - South Africa

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    Hmm... a nice list... not great, but nice...

    I feel its lacking a lot of big names though... some of these animals are too small and wouldn't work without significant upscaling... some of them are located under the wrong category... some are known to science by literally one random bone that tells barely anything about them... and the categories in general are somewhat weird. It doesn't help that some regions have lots of animals to choose from while others can barely make seven; North America and Asia could easily list double that and still have leftovers... so I went and did that... because I could...

    =North America - USA=

    -Dryosaurus altus - USA
    -Camptosaurus dispar - USA
    -Acrocanthosaurus atokensis - USA
    -Nasutoceratops titusi - USA
    -Kosmoceratops richardsoni - USA
    -Leptoceratops gracilis - USA
    -Anzu wyliei - USA

    =North America - Canada=

    -Brachylophosaurus canadensis - Canada
    -Lambeosaurus lambei - Canada
    -Edmontonia longiceps - Canada
    -Euoplocephalus tutus - Canada
    -Pachyrhinosaurus canadensis - Canada
    -Albertosaurus sarcophagus - Canada
    -Thescelosaurus assiniboiensis - Canada

    =South America=

    -Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis - Argentina
    -Chilesaurus ‬diegosuarezi - Chile
    -Brachytrachelopan ‬mesai - Argentina
    -Austroraptor cabazai - Argentina
    -Aucasaurus garridoi - Argentina
    -Argentinosaurus huinculensis - Argentina
    -Saltasaurus loricatus - Argentina


    -Plateosaurus engelhardti - Germany
    -Scelidosaurus harrisonii - England
    -Torvosaurus gurneyi - Portugal
    -Hypsilophodon foxii - England
    -Iguanodon bernissartensis - Mixed
    -Pelecanimimus polyodon - Spain
    -Concavenator corcovatus - Spain

    =Asia - China=

    -Lufengosaurus huenei - China
    -Shunosaurus lii - China
    -Guanlong wucaii - China
    -Monolophosaurus jiangi - China
    -Tuojiangosaurus multispinus - China
    -Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis - China
    -Psittacosaurus lujiatunensis - China

    =Asia - Besides China=

    -Protoceratops andrewsi - Mongolia
    -Pinacosaurus grangeri - Mongolia
    -Deinocheirus mirificus - Mongolia
    -Therizinosaurus cheloniformis - Mongolia
    -Alioramus altai - Mongolia
    -Prenocephale prenes - Mongolia
    -Icthyovenator ‬laosensis - Laos


    -Coelophysis rhodesiensis - South Africa
    -Massospondylus carinatus - South Africa
    -Elaphrosaurus bambergi - Tanzania
    -Carcharadontosaurus saharicus - Egypt
    -Rugops primus - Niger
    -Ouranosaurus nigeriensis - Niger
    -Nigersaurus taqueti - Niger

    =India + Australia + Oceania=

    -Rajasaurus narmadensis - India
    -Isisaurus colberti - India
    -Leaellynasaura amicagraphica - Australia
    -Australovenator wintonensis - Australia
    -Minmi paravertebra - Australia
    -Cryolophosaurus ellioti - Antarctica
    -Glacialisaurus hammeri - Antarctica

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    No offense to OP, but I do like this second list better. I guess it’s always up to everyone’s own personal choices in what we hope to see though. I feel like these should be built upon what we already have and where their from.
    Here’s what we have right now:
    6 Ceratopsians: 5 N. America, 1 Asia
    5 Sauropods: 4 N. America, 1 Asia
    6 Hadrosaurs: 4 N. America, 2 Asia(*Olorotitan DLC*)
    1 Iguanodont: Australia
    3 Ornithomimosaurs: 2 Asia, 1 N. America
    5 Stegosaurs: 3 Asia, 1 N.America/Europe, 1 Africa
    5 Ankylosaurs: 3 N. America, 1 Europe, 1 Asia
    4 Large Carnivores >12m: 2 N. America, 1 Africa, 1 S. America
    6 Medium Carnivores 6-11.9m: 2 Africa, 3 Europe, 1 S. America
    4 Small Carnivores <6m: 2 Asia, 2 N. America(*Troodon DLC*)
    So I think Europe/Africa/S. America are fairly unrepresented, N. America only lacks the remaining big names, and Australasia could be better rounded out with other types. This would be my own take on 7 per continent based on the numbers.
    North America

    South America
    Not drastically different, I just think every continent should have 1 primary large carnivore, sauropods, and a broken up diversity of the rest based on what they are missing. I hope they stick with going partially obscure while not going totally off with dinos that have no solid fossil material.
    And yes it wasn’t really necessary for me to make one too I just wanted to lol solid lists all the way around

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    Yeah true mate, everyone is putting up good lists, some of the dinosaurs in the game currently I'm a little disappointed with as I think there is some better opitions so I'm hoping for some of these,

    I've chosen them on how unknown they are, how they may of looked according to palentologist,

    I think we need some more sauropods and carnivores, as they feel outnumbered compared to the herbivores.

    I really like your list there is many there I was going to add into mine but I wanted to limit it to 7

    Also I feel like the dig sites should be expanded to countries we can't currently dig, this could be quiet educational to people who don't know the paleontology side of Dinosaurs

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    Cool lists! here are my top picks!


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    I totally agree. I think the sauropods are especially lacking since we have none from the Cretaceous, or even on any other continent besides N. America and one in Asia. I think fan favorites like Acro are definitely necessary, but those relatively unknown dinosaurs add a lot of fun for those to get their hands on species they’ve never heard of. It was hard to keep it to 7 for me as well lol

    That’s a reason I’m glad Olorotitan is arriving to give us a Russian digsite, and why I’m glad India was mentioned by all 3 of us since it also has a fair amount of species. Japan would be a nice one too I didn’t think of considering until now

    We already have 48(counting Wu DLC not counting hybrids), and there are still so many more that really need to be in the game. I hope they see these and take it into serious consideration that we’d love the largest Dinosaur library we can get!
    You know if we did get one of these pick 7 lists in the game that’d be 42 more species. Imagine having nearly 100 dinosaurs to choose from lol that’d be a real genome library. Maybe one day we’ll reach that point if they continue a long and healthy support for the game.

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    Yeah there is no reason why they shouldnt have more dino packs like the deluxe one. Would be really cool to have some themed around digsites and such.

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