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Thread: The seminal catastrophy. WWI a 100 years from now.

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    Originally Posted by Jacques d'Orleans View Post (Source)
    And what has Hitler to do with my above statement? Care to explain?
    Trouble was that after the Great War the allies didn't win the peace.

    In fact two things happened. Firstly the Prussians at World War One were an expansionist force, attempting to grow their empire and when they abandonned that at the armistice they hadn't lost Germany, they just hadn't won or kept elsewhere. They also lost fewer men than the allies did in WWI (the German losses eventually came in WW2) which meant they had the manpower for Hitler to rebuild a war machine. (The allies on the other hand lost HUGE numbers of men in the Great War which made it easier for Hitler's blitzkrieg).

    Hitler's (militaristic) view I believe was that Europe had been at the Prussian's mercy in WWI and it was only political weakness on behalf of the leadership that had led them to withdraw and in his eyes fail to take France. On taking power he then combined the subterfuge of fake peaceful relations - plus the goodwill and probably PTSD of people like Edward VII and Chamberlain - to allow the illegal (according to the Treaty of Versailles) rebuild of forces, plus the element of surprise, to try to win the First World War at the second attempt.

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    Originally Posted by Remus View Post (Source)
    Today, 11 November will be celebrated the centenary of the end of the greatest manslaughter in human history.

    A catastrophe of such amplitude that it destroyed empires, and brought Europe to its knees.

    From there on, the world began a new era, an era where Europe was no longer the center of the world.

    Seminal catastrophe, because the shock wave of that event was felt during the whole duration of the 20th century, and even today.

    Without it, we would have no WW2, no Hitler or Stalin, no cold war, and probably no 9/11.

    The end of a nightmare that began on the 28th of July 1914, the day that Europe decided to suicide.

    The world had entered the industrial revolution, and brought with it more effective ways of butchering each other.

    Clashing armies had been completely replaced by the use of cold and effective machinery. A charging horse by tanks.

    Soldiers at the time called it the "last of the last". For the carnage was such, that it should have dissuaded anyone to start a new one.

    The ripples of the conflict where felt world wide, from the fields of France to the plains of the USA, to the lands of Asia and trough the depts of the sea. NO one was spared.

    And yet, this event could have never happened. It was so close to never happened. But history took a wrong turn, and the wrong man stood at the wrong place.

    Now, more than ever we must remind ourselves of the reasons of why suddenly the world decided to put itself ablaze. Now that once again the world seem to let itself go to demagogy, populism and xenophobia.

    Lets never forget.

    Like any (war) crime, follow the money, if you choose to understand more...

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