Your Feature Request / Idea
T Rex is cool but I was hoping for more TYRANNOSAURS for this upcoming DLC, but OK I'm cool with hybrids but hopefully Frontier will consider including at least six Tyrannosaurs in the future DLCS or Updates.

TARBOSAURUS: was the Apex Predator of Asia during the late Cretaceous before the mass extinction of the dinosaurs and also lived at the same time as T-Rex and was also a little smaller at least 20% but would make a fine addition do the Jurassic world Evolution roster. 39.ft

GORGOSAURUS\DASPLETOSAURUS: there's not enough evidence but obviously they could be the same species according to paleontologist but these dinosaurs deserve a debut in Jurassic World evolution and hopefully Frontier will consider these famous Tyrannosaurs into including them into the roster of the game. 30.ft

QIANZHOUSAURUS: is a medium-sized Tyrannosaur but was known to have a narrow snout compared to its other Brethren of the same family the Tyrannosaurs and lived alongside Tarbosaurus and probably was the hyena of the late Cretaceous in Asia nonetheless would make a great unique tyrannosaur in the roster and Jurassic world evolution and I really recommend this dinosaur as a candidate to Frontier. 29.ft

ALBERTOSAURUS: this is one of my favorites from operation Genesis and it might serve as fan service to everyone and all the fans who have ever played the PC or the Xbox game Jurassic Park operation Genesis and this Tyrannosaur is still a requested dinosaur to be included in this game. 30.ft

ALIORAMUS: a small Tyrannosaur this Carnivore is the equivalent of Albertosaurus of a Asia and would add a unique tyrannosaur to the game if this were added in the roster of evolution. 20.ft

YUTYRANNIS: the only tyrannosaur that was known in Asia to have feathers as far as we now and evidence showing it had primitive feathers unlike its cousins which might have had feathers but hardly any evidence to prove it, if Frontier decides to make it featherless I hope that they decide to at least put quills on its back or primitive feather quills to give us the distinct look that this dinosaurs ancestors were feathered without breaking the cannon. 30.ft